#OnTalk With MostlySane aka Prajakta Koli – The Mumbai Girl Who Won India With Her Talent

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You might have seen her answering “Sawaal of Saturdays” but here she comes on OnTalk sharing her tedious journey with YouTube. And trust me friends! She will give you major decision goals. So, let us right away hear the story of how Prajakta Koli, the radio jockey turned out on Mostly Sane.

1. How did your journey begin with YouTube? How did this idea come in your mind?

I worked at the radio. There was a time when I realized that my work isn’t going well. Meanwhile, one of my friends showed me some ideas and I thought to give it a shot. I tried it out as a hobby and here I am now.

2. You have gained a good popularity. What do you think played the major role in your success? Is it due to your script or your style or anything else?

I think content plays a major role in maintaining a good YouTube channel. Otherwise, your channel can easily get off if you don’t have a strong script.

3. Being a girl, how difficult was it reach to this point, starting a comedy vlog on YouTube and managing your own life. How has it been for you?

I think YouTube is one of the platforms where it doesn’t really matter who you are, a girl or a boy. YouTube audience is very different. They come looking for a quality content, not a particular gender.

Well said ma’am!

4. How do you think YouTube is emerging as a career platform in India?

See, choosing YouTube is same as doing any other job. It requires a lot of hard work and skillset. It is not just about putting up a video and if gets viral, you are a star! Not at all. It is all about how you consistently work on your passion. Every YouTuber is a one man army. You need to be good at your content, cinematography, direction, and so many other things. So, if you want to be YouTuber, choose it out of your passion.

5. When there are so many channels running on a similar base, how do you think your channel is different from others?

I think my content plays a USP. I don’t present below the belt jokes. Parents enjoy my videos. So that is a different thing.

6. Comedy content is getting bold day by day. What is your comment on it?

Bold comedy also requires an equal amount of hard work. And according to me, every person carries his unique personailty. For example, if BB k vines start coming out with sober content, we won’t like it. Also, AIB is doing a fabulous job.

7. What Difference has YouTube made in your life?

It has a brought a lot of change in my life. Not only as a career, Mostly Sane changed me as a person too. Before it, I was very adamant and always thought that I know what I want from my job and life. But things did change after YouTube happened, and they changed beautifully.

8. Your famous video shameless features Raftar and Raghav Jughal. Is it a sign of you entering the television world?

As far as the video is concerned, it came as completely out of the blue plan. But, that was for the campaign I am attached to and it contained a very strong message on body shaming. And yes, acting is on the cards. Hopefully, you would see me featuring in some project if things fall into place.

9. Any special message for the girls out there or your fans?

Aim for your dreams, live for them. Don’t hesitate to try anything new. Be shameless!

She is carefree, yet responsible.  Team Onplay News wishes Prajakta more and more success ahead. And all you readers, please give your messages for her in the comments below. Or put up your Sawaal here. We are sure Prajakta would take them in her Saturday sessions.

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