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Be his style of saying, “apni puri aish hai, jeb me rakha cash hai” or his viral dancing video in the metro on cheap thrills, he has outlined as an astounding actor. We are back this week on ONTALK with one of your favorite Instagrammer cum vine maker HARSH BENIWAL. The man who has been a laughter therapy for his audiences will today leave you in an awe of his humble heart after reading his interview. And you will be surprised at the end with a twist!

1. You are a college dropout. How difficult was it for you to take a tough decision like this to follow your dreams? How did your family react to it? What do they say after watching your videos now?


I was in my second year of graduation when I realized what I actually wanted. I had already started to receive a good number of likes on my videos on Instagram. So, I told my family about it. My father boosted up my confidence by saying, “Do whatever you want to do in your life, just aim for success.” It was a tough call for all of us but my family supported me throughout. 
In fact, my mother has held my back always. Initially, she used to shoot my videos. My sister also helped a lot. But in times of late night shoots, my sister would sleep but my mother remained awake though yawning consistently. She has been my team. 
And yes, they do watch my videos and feel happy about my work.


2. We have seen the famous Rishabh Rana aka RISHSOME in your videos. You also have a channel HASLEY INDIA together. How did this partnership start? Are you both childhood friends?


No, we are not childhood friends. I met Rishabh in a fest. After some days, he called me up and told me that he is also planning to start vine-making. Rishabh is someone with strong hand in technical. He is the one who told me to shift from phone to camera. Initially, I asked him to appear in one of my videos and gradually, things went well and we collaborated for HASLEY INDIA.

3. You stand as an inspiration to many a people who dream a career in YouTube. What advice would you like to give them?


I would like to say that if one starts with passion, hard work, and dedication success will occur definitely. Do not do it for fame and money. Carry your dream forward rather than a fame oriented goal.
Performing an art is like worshipping your God. And harsh truly signifies what a true artist is.
4. Web series and YouTube are the new trends in India. What’s your comment on their future? Are you planning any such project in near future?


Yes, we do are planning a web series with Hasley India. Talking about the future, I think it is quite uncertain to define it. It completely depends on one’s hard work. It provides a great platform for your passion but nobody should become entirely dependent on it.


5. Describe the following in one word:


Your mother –    EVERYTHING
 Acting             –    LOVE
Instagram       –   LIFE
YouTube         –    SECOND LIFE 
6. Where did you get the ideas for your videos from?


Ideas come from the daily life observations. For example, my video on types of people in cinema halls originated from the incident when I went to watch Jagga Jasoos and observed the types of audiences.


7. Any message for your fans.


Whatever I am is because of my viewers. My success tree has roots of support from my family, friends, and my audiences. Keep loving me like this and I will be entertaining you guys always.


It’s not over yet, here comes the twist!


 We also had small chitchat with Harsh’s mother Sunitaji and you will feel why having parents is like having a blessing.
1. What is that one quality that makes Harsh different from others according to you?


Harsh is very dedicated to his work. Once he decides anything, he involves himself completely in achieving that task. Once he decided for his career, he dropped out from BCA and started his work without even having a back-up. He believed in himself.


2. Seeing harsh so successful now, how does it feel like to be his mother?


It is always a delight to see your child excelling in his work. When we go out, people come and take pictures with us and appreciate harsh a lot. It is a very proud feeling.


3. One habit of Harsh Beniwal his fans don’t know would be?


He sleeps a lot. When he is working, he is completely into work. And, when he is sleeping, hours pass by.


4. What message would you like to give to those parents whose children dream a creative career?


Parents should give a chance to the dreams of their children. Support your kids. Let them fly high.
Sunitaji also shared with us that she would like to see his son working with her favorite actor Akshay Kumar on the celluloid someday. Harsh Sir, we hope this dream comes true soon. Not only this, Harsh’s mother called us again to add a special message for her son. And trust me, readers, this audio would touch the bottom of your hearts.
So all you passionate young dreamers out there, read this interview and let your parents read it too. You never know, reading this article might change your destiny.
Lets first hear it from HARSH BENIWAL’S MOM – SUNITAJI
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