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The journey of a man singing out washing power Nirma song in his first video 2 years ago to becoming the new sensational Tummy Boy on the internet.

Where the entire nation is lip-syncing with the lyrics of Gully Boy fame song “Apna time Aaega”, Harsh Beniwal has come up with a striking innovative spoof video catching the theme of the song but outlining one of the most promising lyrics ever presented on YouTube.
The lyrics are catchy, pragmatic, and the best thing about the video is the tagline which makes its way straight into the hearts of the people of the country which stands third in the ranking of most obese people :


Crossing 3 million views in less than 24 hours, it has become the no. 1 trending videos on Youtube. The song has become viral with lyric segments like “Ha bolo Pav Bhaji bolo Pav Bhaji”, “trainer ka beta trainer hi banega, ye FIT-RAT hai”, “Apna Khana Aaega” and what not.
For the first time ever, an Indian youtuber has tried something like this, that too, a bull’s eye shot. Remembering the interview of the humble Harsh Beniwal with Onplay News earlier, the boy has come a long way ahead. A country where people are judged based on their weights, Harsh has set a positive example against the gym freaks to be as you are.

Ha mai mota hoon. Mai mota banna chahta hoon.

Even today, Harsh continues to give inspiration how hard work and consistency win over the audiences.
Here’s how the Tummy Boy inspired us in the exclusive interview :

1. India is a country where being fat is treated as being bad. How did the idea of Tummy-Boy come up in your mind?

It was a random idea. I was watching down the trailer of Gully-Boy and I thought the concept of Tummy Boy. Surprisingly, I wrote down the full script of the entire song in just 30 minutes. It was something which I felt right inside my heart. So, I decided to experiment on the new air of thought.

2. Before the release of the song, you were quite nervous about the response. How does it feel as the video has recorded as the most trending video on YouTube, 3 Million views!

It feels great. Yes, I was a little nervous as this was something very new for me. I have sung for the first time. I was scared if the people would misjudge my talent or take me as just another cringe pop artist. But, my motive was clear that I wanted to make this, and the response has come amazingly. My highest number till date was 2.7 million but with TUMMY-BOY, it has reached 3 million in less than 24 hours. I feel happy and blessed.

3. What message you would like to give to the people who dream of a career in YouTube?

I just want to tell people that do not fear to experiment on the innovative ideas. Try to make things for yourself sometimes because if we are satisfied and happy about our work, the audience surely loves and appreciates it. Keep working harder towards your dream.


Cheers to Harsh Beniwal aka Ran-Khir Singh for marking a change in the mainstream gully of societal thoughts. Watch out the video here :

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