Bhuvan Bam – Bigg Boss News War

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“With power comes responsibility and with responsibility comes accountability as well” but the mainstream media has violated this statement with its recent activity.

One of the reputed newspapers of Delhi published a false news about Bhuvan Bam, who is one of India’s Top and most loveable Youtubers. The news said,” YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, Haryanvi dancer from Delhi and Tantric from Noida among Bigg Boss inmates” which proved to be a big flop news.

As soon as this news came into the notice of the protagonist, Bhuvan Bam, he released a statement which was published by well-known National newspaper. The statement said “Meri haalat kharaab ho gayi, aur papa khush. Papa ko laga bacche ne surprise diya hai. I told him that there is no such plan…this isn’t even my retirement plan. I have been flooded with messages from people who are looking forward to this. They didn’t even check with me.”

Well, this proves how unsound this mainstream media opts to be sometime when they want to gain some attention and publicity.

Some strong research that you will get only at Onplay News proves that, thought of coming to Bigg Boss has never crossed Bhuvan’s mind.

  1. In one of his old vlogs, when a question was asked to Bhuvan about his views on coming to Bigg Boss, he clearly said “Bigg Boss mai wo log jaate hai jinko apna career revive karna hota hai, mera toh abhi shuru hua hai”. So he has these views about being on Bigboss since a very long time and he is very sorted about the same.
  2. Bhuvan Bam is now doing an India Tour, which is known as “BB India tour” in which he is covering 11 cities. Well, dates have been finalized and his last but not the least city will be Kolkata where he will be performing live on 11th November 2017.  Then, the interrogation arises that – How can he participate in Big Boss if he has already scheduled an India Tour?
  3. If also, we take a hypothetical situation about being a late entry into Bigg Boss Season 11, still for the information of people we are revealing that Bhuvan will add more cities to the 2nd leg of his BB India Tour and cover more cities soon which has not been covered including Mumbai.So, in no way he will enter Big Boss House.
  4. Bhuvan’s present statement after the release was ,“Money was never the bait for me. They [the makers] were pursuing us for a long time, but I never wanted to do it. I already have a channel and produce content that people want. I don’t want publicity of that sort. I don’t think I can be myself in front of so many cameras. Vahaan pe kuch alag hi image portray karni padhti hai, naa chahte hue bhi [Even if you don’t want, you have to portray a completely different image]. I would never want to go there,” Is something more needed after such strong statement of him?

His manager, Rohit Raj, questions the basis of the report, as the channel never officially announced Bhuvan’s name. “The names of the participants were announced officially by the makers, and Bhuvan’s name was not there. So why did they use his name as bait?” questions Rohit.

Rohit Raj

This is something very ridiculous done by the mainstream media for which they have still not apologized.

Rohit also shared the news of that Delhi newspaper on Social Media with the caption “Just when you think mainstream media was intelligent, they do things like these. DT, grow up and put a little more effort in research before printing something. Take it back, also an apology won’t do any good!

Well, Bhuvan being in limelight has always faced such rumors but this way of media’s informational manipulation will not be entertained.

So, these incidents proves that Bhuvan has never wanted to be in Bigg Boss, atleast till now. If in future he has any such plans, we assure our media will be first to acknowledge his fans.

That’s why we, your own, Onplay News, presents before you 100% verified and genuine news with direct confirmation with the protagonist themselves.

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