#OnReview – MX’s ‘Hey Prabhu’ is a one time watch entertainer

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An MX player original series, Hey Prabhu is all about the life of a millennial whose personal life is affected by his professional life. Social media has a big influence on one’s life. It is how you take it, for the good or for the bad. The series shows how teenagers are under a constant misunderstanding that things in social media are similar to one’s personal or professional life. Success doesn’t come to your doorstep just like the Swiggy delivery boy.

Hey Prabhu Cast

The series cast Love, Lust and Confusion fame Rahat Barmecha as Tarun Prabhu, Parul Gulati as Arunima, Achint Kaur as Mita, Sheeba Chaddha as Tarun’s Mom.


Tarun Prabhu, a youngster who has a huge following on Twitter plays the lead whose life is screwed up as his social life and professional life clash. He finds conflicts in all areas of his life. His Mom and Dad are always behind him who keep pointing out his mistakes to make him know what is right and wrong. This leaves Tarun irritated all the while. The social media influencer gets a job in “Croissant”, a magazine. The company hopes that they will be benefitted if they have Tarun on their side for their overall marketing and visibility. He messes it up both at home and work. Mita, the chief editor is the one who screws up Tarun for his mistakes. She makes it a must watch. She tells Arunima, her senior correspondent to review all the work done by Tarun and tells Tarun to shadow her. Tarun’s social life is screwed up as everyone gets to know about his erectile dysfunction by a hashtag created by one of his own friends. He tries to reduce his smoking and alcohol consumption for the same reason.
Tarun and Anurima get closer and she tells him that she knows his hashtag thing. She also shares her deep dark secret with him.

Hey Prabhu Review

The series stresses the real-life problems of teenagers. It is an overall package of acting, script, cast-all done well. It depicts an interesting life story. It showed real-life problems in a comic way which added a flavor. It seemed more realistic. It teaches that Running away from the problem is never a solution to the problem. Rather than running away, facing it would make you a better person. Life isn’t about Staying active and having millions of followers on social media, it’s all about how you are in real life, at your home and your workplace!

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