“Bas Mein” and Pados Mein : Bhuvan Bam postpones song release

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In these tumultuous times that have ignited tensions between two nuclear-powered nations and brought them to the brink of war, there have been moments wherein the jingoism fuelled warmongering rage has subsided to make way for rational thinking and considerate opinions. The absurdities which the common man has been exposed to in the form of squabbling politicians and their collective egos of nation states have not been known to recede quickly.

It is in such times that the saner sections of the society are relied upon to take up the right steps. One of the most known faces of the sub-continental Internet spaces, Bhuvan Bam, has shown that insensitivity in the face of such a tense atmosphere is not an acceptable thing to do. Slated to release one of his most ambitious and anticipated projects: the music video of “Bas Mein” with a collaboration with “Team Naach”, the young icon recently released a message via Instagram stating that he would not be releasing the video for now, given the turbulent political atmosphere in the sub-continent. The step is undoubtedly a mature one, sensitizing people to the standoff’s gravity; something which few YouTubers have done.

The Team at OnPlay News hopes that the standoff between India and Pakistan is resolved with minimal loss of resources and with the cleansing of insidious plots against India, and by extension, humanity.

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