Shut Up Ya Kunal- JNU Students Special

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KAUN HAI YE AADMI”  who has taken humor to a new level. Kunal Kamra has won hearts and made many Roll On The Floor with his straightforward and sui generis convey of humor. In his prior tapes like “Finding a Taxi” or  “Bombay Indore“, he has nailed with some witty humor.  

Shut Up Ya Kunal is a series of a podcast where he talks with representatives of the different political parties. This casual talk brings out many topics in Indian governance to laugh on and definitely to work upon.

“Baat to Kar hi Sakte Hai”

There should be “practical” freedom of speech for everyone in the country and a chance to express without any threat or fear. Kunal Kamra’s podcast ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’ 3rd episode is a chat with the JNU students Kanhaiya Lal and Umar Khalid seeking their side of story on a lighter note with no flashy lines that begin with  “Country wants to know..”.

His take on politics is unique because of his rational and holistic view of it in an amusing way. A brutal video assessing the media on its approach and style of working. It’s a treat to watch stand-up comedian’s outlook on politics.

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