Parents Special: Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa

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Sex chat with Pappu & papa! Is it acceptable in Indian culture?

We are in 21st century with the children growing way faster than our generation grew, in every aspect. The Internet has opened up the windows and doors for knowledge to pour in with nothing left unanswered and nothing hidden. In our Indian culture sex education is a taboo talk. We change channels as an advertisement for condoms and sanitary napkins flash so that our kids should not ask questions about them. We are afraid that the answers will not satisfy them or it’s not their age to understand.

Who has decided the age to know about sex and sex related topics?

They get to know about this from sources which cannot explain them rationally the true meaning of it. Schools in our society fail to provide appropriate sex education and even if they provide, the approach and deliverance is not meticulous. If it is inappropriate to talk about such topics in our society then how we expect our children to understand it and be responsible with it when they grow old.

Our elders or parents never spoke to us as adults, but we can!!

Sex chat with Pappu and papa is a humorous sequel showcasing how a father answers sensitive questions of his innocent son with innovative ideas and apt analogies. Seven year old Kabir Sajid aka Pappu takes Papa Anand Watsa off-guard when he asks questions about masturbation, pregnancy and so on. Pappu’s conservative grandfather Sachin Pilgaokar has an interesting role as he warns Papa multiple times to not to give sex education to Pappu. Mama Sanjeeda Shaikh aka Shireen Watsa and Grandmother Alka Amin have played a marvelous role as they support papa in his explanation.

Y Film’s five episode series targets various topics like masturbation, condoms, pregnancy, homosexuality and periods with a sensitive and sensible approach with a Tadka of humor added to it. A must watch for new generation parents who are hesitant to explain their children this debated topic of sex education.

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