#OnReview: Yo Ke Hua Bro – A One Time Watch

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After the success of shows like ‘It’s not that simple‘ and ‘Untag‘, VOOT is back with its new originals named ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro‘. The show stars Shamita Shetty, Ridhima Pandit, Gaurav Pandey and Aparshakti Khurana with Sumeet Vyas in an extended cameo. From what we saw in the trailer, the show promises to be a fun ride with lots of twists and turns. Does it live up to the expectations? Let’s find out in our quick review.

The Story

Mahendra (Piyush) and Gaurav (Aparshakti) are two losers who spend their time talking about their fantasies in the college library. Their dream is to get a Government job and beautiful girls to fool around. Their lives turn upside down with the entry of the sister duo, Suman (Shamita) and Ragini (Ridhima) in their neighborhood. While the boys are on a quest to woo the sister-duo, the sisters have a totally different plan which eventually makes the boys land up in jail.
Can the boys prove their innocence? Watch the series to find out.

The Performances

Aparshakti and Gaurav are at their best with their Haryanvi accent right on target. However, their comic timing and the habit of calling each other ‘BRO’ feels a tad bit labored at times. Shamita and Ridhima as con-women nail their role to perfection. The two actresses agreed to get on board the project in spite of not having done a similar role in their respective careers, and they do an excellent job. Even in an extended cameo, it’s the Web-series superstar Sumeet Vyas who impressed us the most with his composed performance. We wish we get to see more of him in season 2 if and when it happens.

The Plot and Direction

The plot is simple, yet ‘It’s not that simple’. Belonging to the comedy-thriller genre, it’ll be unfair to reveal the plot. The ‘Kaand’ which was hyped during the initial trailers, lives upto the expectation and does complete justice to the genre.
With director Suparn Verma at the helm of affairs, the narrative moves at a moderate pace with certain scenes which feel a bit stretched. But, with just five episodes and an option to binge-watch, you can complete it in one go.

Final Verdict

Voot is banking heavily on the success ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’ to survive in the ever expanding ‘Web-series’ space. With brilliant performances from a fresh star cast, ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’ is certainly a fun ride and a one-time watch. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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