Puncch Beat – ALT Balaji’s New High School Drama

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ALT Balaji and Lost Boy Productions are coming up with a dramatic series this Valentine season. Is it a high school drama, a love story, family drama or a Friendship test? Well, Puncch Beat will be all about how you take it! The story revolves around the high school drama of a prestigious Institution, Rosewood High. The impressive star-cast includes MTV fame Priyank Sharma as a street fighter (Rahat), Sadda Haq actress Harshita Gaur as Dance Diva(Divyanka), The Cadbury girl Khushi Joshi as a dream girl and Siddharth Sharma, of Splitsvilla fame, as a knockout boy (Ranbir), the series is going to be a thriller and a must watch for teenagers. The dream girl is seen falling in love with Ranbir who eventually falls in love with Divyanka despite acknowledging the fact that Rahat and Divyanka love each other. Rahat and Ranbir may portray a relation of friends turned foes or rivals, because of their boxing skills or some past family issues. In addition to boxing, Rosewood High is all set to depict dance at its best with the dance diva, Divyanka. This valentine’s, Love will play games!

However, if you are expecting the storyline to ape the movie, ‘Student Of The Year’, Puncch Beat will surely come with an unexpected twist. Rahat and Ranbir fight it out by bringing love in a ring of boxing. An exciting end to this battle is awaited. We have seen web series being adapted into films, however, Puncch Beat has turned out to be an exception where a film is shot in the form of a series. With the uncut trailer releasing almost 8 hours ago, the response has been exciting with almost reaching 36K views in just 8 hours. We caught up with a star of the series, Kajol Tyagi to know her expectations from the web series.

1. What is your experience of working twice with ALT Balaji and Lost Boy Productions?

It has been a wonderful experience working with them. The roles given to me in both series are just the opposite. In Class of 2017, I was given the role of a submissive girl, Swathi who barely spoke to people and was also a victim of bullying, whereas, In Puncch beat, I play the role of a strong, wild female Lara, who herself is bossy.
Puncch beat is a high budget project and has Ekta Kapoor supporting it from the start which was not the case in Class of 2017. Puncchbeat is more of a film in a web series. It almost took 2 years to shoot 13 episodes. The cast was changed a few times. I was lucky as at last, I had to work under the same direction team as that of Class of 2017, I felt like coming back home.

2. Who’s your favorite character?

I love my own character. Bullying will always be wrong, but if you were the leader and you were bossy, it would be great.

3. What makes Puncch Beat different from other ALT Balaji series?

ALT Balaji has always given amazing series. It is accessible. What makes this different is its story. You can relate to it as it is a high school drama. In addition to its storyline, its budget, creativity and most Importantly, It’s good-looking star cast, it is going to take away your hearts.

4. Why are there no recent updates on your Youtube Channel?

I started it when I was ‘nobody’. I am going to resume it soon. The channel faced a little trouble. I am collaborating with other channels. I would resume it after Puncch Beat as all my energy is now into Puncchbeat.

5. Your marketing strategies for Puncch Beat included visiting schools. Any comments?

We wanted it to reach to the students. Word of mouth alone doesn’t always work. We need to get recognition. When you have put everything into it, you expect the result to be great. We need to sell our product so that we can achieve grand success.

6. Could we expect season 2 of Class of 2017 and what is in store for you, i.e. where can we see you next?

Talk is going on for season 2 of Class of 2017, I would love to be a part of it. Anyway, I am going to start a chat show, resume my Youtube channel after Puncch Beat and personally, I prioritize what I have done already rather than What’s next.

7. Please share details about your next project.

You will soon see me in a chat show with imbesharam.com, I can’t share much details about the show as of now but I am sure that the viewers are going to like it.

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