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Indian content on the Internet is a whole new world in itself, integrated with the trends of outside and yet, strongly rooted and relying on local ideas. One such gem in the world of YouTube is Be Younick, a YouTuber team based in Mumbai, which prides itself on making videos that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Started by a group of friends four years ago, this group eponymously called Be Younick after lead group member Nick, the YouTube profile has grown exponentially over the years. Like most other Indian YouTubers, there is an unmistakable local influence in their videos with their authentic Mumbaikar accents and local Mumbaikar references. The group’s moment of fame came with mainly two videos: “Once upon a time in Dombivali” and “If Pablo Escobar was Indian”, with the former showing a quarrel between two youth groups on the streets of Mumbai, only to take an unusual and unexpected turn, and the latter being a veritable parody of the hit-series Narcos, replacing the Colombians with Mumbai Police. Most videos fall in the situational comedy genre, although there are other types like spoofs, slapsticks or word plays as well. One favorite feature in Be Younick’s videos is the hilarious twist at the end, which is the icing on the cake.

Be Younick has seen collaborations with YouTubers like Mostly Sane, Ashish Chanchlani, Mumbiker Nikhil among others. Music videos are a recent addition on Be Younick’s profile, a domain in which the team’s efforts are conspicuous. The latest video by Be Younick, called “O Womaniya”, follows in the footsteps of previous videos with equal humor showing a wordplay on a localized nuance in the Mumbai dialect of Hindi. Be Younick’s second last video featured Emraan Hashmi, a testimony to how popular the group is and how much local YouTubers have dominated the entertainment scene in India.
Be Younick’s phenomenal rise to fame is a result of its indigenous and ingenious content, both of which are endemic to most Indian YouTubers. Boasting 2.3 million subscribers and more than 1.5 million views on most videos, their growth story is a noteworthy one for current and future YouTubers and content creators.

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Watch Be Younick’s video Once Upon a Time in Dombivali

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