Mom And Co – What to expect from Zoom Studios’ latest offering

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Love watching series? Love your mom, a way beyond everything? Then, get yourself ready for a roller coaster of emotions between a son and a mom. The Zoom Studios present to you a web series with a very different story – Mom And Co. which will definitely take you on an emotional ride with your mother. When it comes to sacrifices, a mother’s sacrifices for family, especially her children, are uncountable. Whenever you needed a friend, whenever you felt lonely, whenever you wanted to dream, whenever you wanted unconditional love, she was right there. And what happens when she needs mere acknowledgment of those feelings if not reciprocation? Are we there? Most of us would answer, ‘No’!

The series marks the comeback of Neelima Azeem (Shahid Kapoor’s mother) to acting. Playing the role of Suhasini Joshi, she is seen as a confident lady. Joining her in the list of lead actors is Ayush Mehra who plays the role of Aditya Joshi. Suhasini-Aditya portrays a sweet-n-sour mother-son relationship. Aditya is pretty much self-content with his life. He finds himself happy in his life with a job, some cool friends and a girlfriend. He stays with his mother, Suhasini. Like any other mother in this world, Suhasini sacrifices her dreams and makes her son (Aditya) her whole world. Unaware of the sacrifices she has made, Aditya is mostly found irritated and screaming at his mother, as most of us do.

This series will be very different as it comes with the storyline of a relationship with the purest soul- Mom. We expect the series to help us realize the importance of this beautiful female in all our lives and the numerous sacrifices she makes to keep us happy and to allow us to dream and fulfill them. Trailer of the series depicts comedy with tidbits of emotions. Releasing on 9th of February, it will make you cherish your bond with your mother and help you realize her sacrifices and love for you. Watching “Mom and Co.”, the realization will surely hit you that Valentine’s is not always about love between couples. It can also be a day to celebrate love with your first love, your mom. Wondering how is she your first love? She is so because you started loving her even before knowing the definition and meaning of love. This love somewhere fades away as you grow up, but her love for you will always remain the same. In the race of life, never forget all that she has done for you and all that she is constantly doing because life will give you second chances but will never give you a second mother. Cheers to the bond we share with our mothers. And wishing “Mom and Co”, all the best.

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