‘Badnaam GaIi’ is a take on orthodox mindset

‘Badnaam Gali’ is unlike any other film that often shows the female protagonist as damsel-in-distress.

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An unmarried woman living her life on her own terms without causing any disruptions in anyone else’s life is often looked down upon. But how many times, in today’s tech-savvy and entertainment-hungry society, has this issue been addressed? For a fact, not enough times. However, the new show of ZEE5 takes on the same topic and some more. ‘Badnaam Gali’ was recently released on the leading OTT entertainment platform ZEE5 and has already earned a rating of 8.3 on IMDB.

Centered on the theme of surrogacy, patriarchy, omnipotent judgment that exists in society against unmarried pregnant women, ‘Badnaam Gali’ brilliantly and blatantly combines humor with important issues.

The most ‘swell’ story of the current time

‘Badnaam Gali’ is unlike any other film that often shows the female protagonist as damsel-in-distress. The film stars Patralekhaa as Noyonika aka Nayan, who lives in a Delhi colony named Badnaam Gali, (in) famous due to surrogate mothers living there. Being a regular topic of every aunty’s conversation because of being pregnant without a husband, Nayan often finds herself being judged for her life choices but handles it with witty humor and a light heart. Divyendu Sharma who plays Randeep Singh enters the ‘Gali’ when he visits his paternal aunt living in the same locality. While he is advised to stay away from that ‘witch’, the movie twists and twirls in a direction that makes both of the male and female protagonists cross path.

The ‘yay’ factor of ‘Badnaam Gali’

As the directorial debut of Ashwin Shetty, the film does justice to the topic it tries to shed light on. Even the storytellers have ensured that while the movie’s main theme is surrogacy, it does not disappoint the viewers and keeps people interested in knowing how both the main characters would overcome the social pressure and make them accept surrogacy.

Besides, the Punjabi dialect of Divyendu Sharma does make its mark throughout the film. The quirky and bitter-sweet relation between Divyendu’s character and Patralekhaa’s character also makes the movie a worthwhile watch.

The factors that do not stand out so much

Some might find that the movie and the characters are passing too fast on the screen and there is no time given to elaborately explore all the aspects and angles of this story. But, however, this issue does not seem to appear big enough as the characters and interactions between them are written beautifully.

You wouldn’t want to miss the on-point acting of all the characters in this movie, with such a revolutionary theme.’

Badnaam Gali | Official Trailer

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