#OnReview – Alt Balaji’s Broken : Healing up hearts beautifully

A perfect tale of romance in the midst of heartbreaks.

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In today’s world, most of us are unable to do two things:

1. Move on and

2. Accept the fact that love can happen twice.

Six letters, Two words, easy to say, hard to explain and harder to do: MOVE ON. Growth is painful, change is painful but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. The series which brought a story on Moving on and Accepting the fact mentioned above is the Broken but beautiful by Alt Balaji. You can heal or mend physical wounds but what about the scars which are a result of the loss of a dear one or a heartbreak? Only someone who is going through the same pain can help one overcome this pain. Two broken pieces can make a whole.


Jitin Gulati (Kartik)
Vikrant Massey (Veer)
Harleen Sethi (Sameera)
Sheetal Thakur (Aleena)


The series portrays the story of Veer who had lost his wife (Aleena) a few years ago, in an accident. He’s always stuck with his past imagining his wife everywhere and talking to her more than he talks to any other human. His sister-in-law always motivates him to come out of the terrible accident and to move on. He finds it quite difficult as he couldn’t imagine his life without her. He shifts his house and goes to live in one of his cousin’s (Karthik) house who himself is trying to come out of his five-year relationship with someone he regards as his pyscho ex (Sameera). He has moved on and is least bothered about Sameera. Sameera’s friends, Porno and Agni are two totally different characters who give her a mixed opinion on things and situations.

In a series of events, Sameera meets Veer and wants him to help her out in meeting Karthik once, as he always tries to avoid her and humiliate her. Veer helps her out every time she is in trouble. Somewhere in between helping each other and messing up every time, Veer and Sameera could be a perfect match as both of them are broken and could help each other understanding the other’s pain.
Would both of them fall in love getting rid of their terrible past? Would they show everyone that love can happen twice? Can they help everyone learn, not to run after something that is not yours? This is something, worth watching it for.

Review and Message

A perfect tale of romance in the midst of heartbreaks. The title song adds beauty to the plot. They say, it’s real if it comes back but, it’s real if it never left. And If something is yours, it will come back to you, you don’t have to run behind it. You can bring back a whole out of things that are scattered but not with something that is shattered. Love can definitely happen twice and your second choice might be a better one.

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