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You might have seen him going through the Indian streets and asking those awkward questions and doing pranks on strangers, but here at OnPlay, the young artist will be revealing some lesser known facts about his life. Yes, you are reading it right. We have the famous comic Vlogger, Love Rudrakash Solanki with us on OnTalk.So, let us begin and see how Love reacts when he is asked upon these questions:

1. How did your journey begin with YouTube?

It was during my first year of graduation when I realized that I need to do something productive rather than a normal college going life. So, it was in June 2014 when I started to look for some opportunities on YouTube. There were very fewer channels like AIB, TVF, etc that time. So after watching a few channels, I realized that I can fit into this profile where you talk to people on some current topics and I had a habit of shooting my videos. So it all accelerated the things around and I started posting videos. It was until the “truly madly” group approached us after finding potential in our humor that we got our first offer along with our first earning of 35000. It was huge. That’s how it all started

2. How your college buddy KHUSHI and later AISHWARYA joined the channel?

Actually, I saw some foreign channels which had atrend of featuring pairs. Khushi was my best friend in college and she was also influenced by YouTube. So that’s how we came along to work together. On the other side, Aishwarya joined us a through a mere coincidence. I needed five girls to complete a shoot. So I asked one of my friends to help. And among those five girls, one was Aishwarya.  

3.You were among the initiators who brought such bold content on Indian streets. What was the reaction of the audience?

There were a variety of reactions we got in our interviews. First of all, some people used to get so excited that they would be appearing on YouTube. While some on the other side had those “OH MY GOD” reactions after listening to our questions. So when we asked “does dick size matter?” people used to say “no…..yes” and we used to cut the NO and keep the YES. We had even interviewed people peeing in bathroom but it was always in a healthy humor way. We never bullied anybody.

4.What is your parents’ reaction on your videos?

My parents don’t actually understand this work. Moreover, I don’t share that level of comfort to talk about everything with them. So they a little about my work but not too many details are talked upon between us. 

5.We have seen in your starting videos a strong quotient of adult content. But gradually it has transitioned to social experiments and pranks. How did this change happen?

Initially, we shot videos for fun. For example, if we heard seven reasons to break up somewhere, we too used to shot it. It was after some time that we decided to deliver something different on our platform. So, we used the Beauty of the Bold because everybody wanted these answers but nobody spoke on it. But later on, everybody started doing the same thing on YouTube. Therefore, we shifted to another genre.

“I used to do what people like, but now I do what I like.” Well said love.

6.Your Instagram bio says, “Love Rudrakash, 22, New Delhi. YouTube is my girlfriend.” Is it an indirect message to your female fans that you are single?

See, I am a young guy and I strongly believe that dating in your early twenties is a waste of time. This is the high time for career and all the experiments you want to do in life. So I don’t like to spend my precious time on relationships.

Love has some real advice for our young dreamers out there, “Aakhir Jawani kab tak rahegi” so live it to the fullest friends.

7. Describe your following favorites in one line-

YouTube: I don’t even think I can live without it.

Burger: That makes me feel horrible now (laughing about his weight gain)

Khushi: Lazy

8. Can we expect a season 2 of “Threesome ki Chunauti”?

No, I don’t have any plans on it. But yes, you will be watching a new series on the cards soon.

9. Does Love Rudrakash or his team have any plans to appear in any web series or TV shows in near future?

Actually, I am in talking terms with two or three shows. It even includes one of the biggest reality shows of India. So, let us see what the future brings.

India’s biggest reality show!! Did you get hint readers?

10. What is your best fan moment?

It recently happened when I received a text message from a guy suffering from cancer. It said that, “I don’t how many days are left to me but I just wanted to tell you that you guys are doing a fantastic job.” I instantly replied to his message and this incident inspired me a lot.

It is a touching tale. Isn’t it?

11.Any message to your fans out there?

First of all, I just want to say that whatever I am today is because of my fans. Your support and love keep motivating me to present a better work every day. Thank you so much. And, I just hope you all follow your dreams because that is the best thing you can do in life.

Not only this, the YouTuber has his YouTube joining anniversary today on 27th July 2010. So, big congratulations to Love Rudrakash from the OnPlay team for completing such an amazing journey of seven years with your girlfriend(YouTube).

So friends, comment your message for Love Rudrakash here. You never know! He might be reading it.

Have a look at most viewed video of Love Rudrakash:

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