#OnTalk With Ashish Chanchlani – The Vine Guy of India

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An aimless guy pursuing engineering turned out to be one of the biggest buzz of Internet. Ashish Chanchlani, who is a trend himself and has a knack of making vines. You have loved his vines, but his OnTalk session would make you feel proud of him. “ He is prompt, yet polite. We welcome at OnPlay news the new Internet Dynamite.”

Let’s hear the story of the transition of Ashish, the beginner to Ashish, the Vine Master.

1.Who do you think played the major role in you reaching out to be so successful?

First and foremost, it was the support and the love from my audience that played the major role very clearly. Secondly, outlining a content to which every Indian can relate somewhere from his college life or around was important. For me, it was never about money or subscribers. My only goal is to entertain people through my work.

Not only his vines, he left us dumbstruck with such answers too.

2.You make such an amazing content. Where does the inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from the world around you. I have spent so much time with my family and friends in engineering days and gradually, I realized that the story of an Indian home is more or less, the same. So I used to catch the regular habits of people around. I always tried to make such content to which people can instantly connect.

3.Each video of yours sets a benchmark. Do you feel any pressure of making the present video better than the last one?

For me, it’s not about any benchmark or comparison. The only thing that matters to me that the audience should enjoy a good time while watching my videos. The only pressure I feel is about entertaining my viewers more and more every day.

People adore him as an artist, but to him, the audience defines his entire show.

4.We have always seen you trending in Vine videos. But recently, you came in AltBalaji’s Class of 2017 series. So how did this transition happen?

Actually, many people don’t know about it. But I shot for Class of 2017 one year ago. I was more of a beginner then and my character in the show of the imperfect guy, who gets humiliated by everyone, made me feel connected to the general audience. It was a wonderful experience.

5.There is so much bold content nowadays. What’s your take on that?

According to me, it is okay to put adult content but only if it is a strong demand of the script. The unnecessary addition of adult content would result in vulgarity. About a year ago, I also used abusive language to a large extent but it was after meeting some parents that I realized that I need to make a shift. So, I try to maintain a healthy vegetarian content until a strong demand of script comes by for adult content.

6.Let’s get to the past. How did this idea of vines come to your mind?

It was ten years back when Vines application was launched. I was going through my Facebook when I saw a short video by some guy named David. It was immensely funny. Therefore, an idea hit my mind of bringing this concept to India because India has an infinite number of topics for vines.

7.How do your parents react when they watch your videos?

I have got such loving parents that they always have my back. They appreciate my work. In fact, my parents are the first person to watch my videos after editing. Every video comes with their check approved on it.

8.You also appeared in Pyar Tune Kya Kia tv show. Any comments on the difference in working on television and the Internet?

Working on television is an entirely different experience. More cameras and more people around. You have to maintain a professional conduct on the sets.

9.You do not stick to a single character in your vines?  The character of ranting Ravi and Phuck Phuck madam was so popular but you didn’t come with it more. Why so?

I would love to answer this interesting question of yours. Actually, ranting Ravi and phuck phuck madam were my creations. According to me, Overdo steals the beauty and fun element of the character. So, I always try to maintain a fresh content rather than playing the same characters again.

10.What is your reaction when your female fans come with special messages?

Be it males or females, I become very glad when my fans come to meet me and request to take selfies. In fact, I try to make them feel alike.

He is one among us and he outlines this fact practically with the same beauty.

11.How do you handle the negative comments on your videos?

See, there exist two types of negative comments. One is the abusive comments and the other one is feedback. If I talk about the former category, they are just attention grabbers who need to be ignored. I really appreciate when people tell me honestly and genuinely about the missing parts or room for improvement in my videos.

12.You promote social media a lot. What is your message to all the internet users who dream a career in this field?

I think Internet is perhaps the best platform to showcase your talent. You are your own boss. The only values you should have is passion and hard work. If you start to gain popularity and money only, then you are never going to succeed.

The Internet needs to be used as a stage, not as an advertisement. Right?

13.What would your dream project be like?

My dream project would either be directing a movie someday or be working with Akshay Kumar.

14.You are an inspiration to engineers. Any special message for your engineering clan?

If you are talented, marks and assignments don’t matter. It is a phase of life. You will move ahead. If I can achieve this much, I think any engineer out there can do everything he dreams of.

Ashish’s thoughts towards life and his work inspire every engineer to identify that extra nerve of Creativity and Innovation within. The way he took out his late hour for OnTalk left us in gratitude. His answers inspire us to make a move to achieve that extra mile in life. And not only his answers, we bring to you a special audio note by the Vinestar himself. Sweetness just melts in his voice.

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