#OnReview – Mom And Co. Weaves A Sweet-N-Sour Story On A Relatable Premise

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The first episode, “Tadka Maar Ke” of Mom and Co. has released yesterday on the YouTube channel ‘The Zoom Studios’. The first episode provides a premise for the sweet and sour relationship between the mother-son duo of Suhasini and Aditya. The plot is told through the perspective of Aditya and the conflicts he faces with various characters in the series.


We see Aditya, getting ready for his office and Suhasini preparing lunch for him. He takes it to his office where he finds that the manager has asked him to lay-off a few employees as their company will be taken over by another company. For this, he has to lay-off people who have their appraisal ratings below 3. As a result of this, he has to deliver this unexpected message to his ladylove, Malvika and also some of this closes office colleagues. Malvika finds it really upsetting and this leaves Aditya upset too. Earlier, we see that Aditya doesn’t eat the lunch prepared by his mom and it is instead shared by his colleagues. Malvika is found chiding Aditya for still living with his mom and telling Aditya that he has to grow independently. In the evening, Suhasini and Aditya go for a Comedy show organized by one of Suhasini’s friends. She finds it good that the middle-aged comedian has found to do something that she loves. She wants to start up something too and expresses this Aditya who gives it an uninterested pass. Later, Suhasini is seen writing in her diary that Aditya is upset but she doesn’t know the reason behind it as Aditya never shares his problems with her.


The performances by both lead actors fall into elements. Ayush Mehra, who is known for his guy next door roles in ‘Filtercopy’, excels in his role as a disgruntled young adult who is trying to strike a balance between his life at home and office. Certain scenes like his awkwardness with his girlfriend and his uninterested dead-pan face while interacting with his mom are commendable. However, it is Neliima Azeem who steals the show by playing the character of a titular middle-class mom.

Some of the scenes are come out very well. The opening scene, where Aditya is busy in getting himself ready contrasts with how Suhasini’s morning is not about herself but about ensuring that her son’s breakfast and lunch-box is ready by the time he leaves. Certain scenes like Suhasini writing down the recipes from TV cookery shows are very much relatable to middle-class families.
We acknowledge the fact that Aditya never appreciates all that his mother does for him, as most of us in real life do. We see the episode ending on a sad note as Aditya isn’t seen on talking terms with his mother. It is a very relatable story and the viewers would surely connect to it as It is a story all of us are living around.

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