#OnReview – Abhay : The first Indian crime thrilling tale in OTT

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ZEE5, known for presenting great content across all genres, recently launched Abhay – one of the first procedural format crime thrillers, a genre not explored in the Indian OTT space yet. Produced by B.P. Singh’s (popularly known for the famous crime TV series CID) Fiction Factory Productions, the series also marks the digital debut of popular actor Kunal Khemu who essays the role of SP Abhay Pratap Singh. The crime thriller premiered on 7th February, with two episodes unfolding each month, disrupting the traditional binge of content on OTT platforms.

The first episode of Abhay is based on this horrifying incident which manages to frighten everyone. Abhay showcases the Story of a police official, played by Kunal Khemu who is the head of the Special Task Force. He is assigned the investigation of a case where 16 kids have gone missing from the small village of Chinthari. But, before delving into an investigation sequence, Abhay shows a sordid tale of an old man and his domestic help in kidnapping, killing, sexually abusing and eating the dead bodies of kids. The investigation starts off brilliantly but soon you are distracted by the subplot of the episode. Abhay played by Kunal Khemu soon turns into an obsessed father. He always worries about the “safety of his son”. He is always haunted by the thought of someone murdering his son.

After taking its time, the show returns to the investigation. And finally, Abhay’s intelligent tricks force witnesses to speak up and his team nabs the culprits. As the excitement reaches its peak and people are excited for more events to unfold, the mystery just gets solved. Though the plot is rushed a bit in between but it adds an extraordinary flavor by brilliant acting done by Kunal Khemu.

Kunal quoted, “Usually crime and investigation shows are always to find out, who did it? In this series, every episode brings a new crime, and what is special is that within first few minutes you’ll know, who did it and how it was done, but the show is about how Abhay finds it and nails the criminals. And he has a life, which goes on as usual on the show but there is something new in every episode, a new crime, so it brings uniqueness and freshness to the show. The show brings true crimes in our country, so it was even more intriguing to play this part.”

Kuch Toh Awesome Hai Abhay!!

Though a fresh plot and obtuse concept from its counterparts Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol, let’s see what the future episodes of Abhay has in store for us.

Watch Official Trailer Of Abhay – Zee5

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