Crazy BB Goes Candid In Episode 3 Of Ask BB

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BHUVAN BAM is back with the third installment of ‘ASK BB’, a video questionnaire format that Bhuvan has adopted to answer few of the thousands of questions sent to him. Bhuvan has been busy lately doing comedy shows, singing gigs and churning out ever-jocular ‘BB ki vines’, one after another. In fact, he managed to shoot the episode 3 of ‘Ask BB’ a day after the singing concert at Indore.

The fifteen-minute episode saw Bhuvan answering a wide spectrum of questions – some personal, some hypothetical and some outright weird!

The latest episode provided a great deal of insights into his personal life with Bhuvan speaking about the initial hesitation of his parents when he made his foray into Youtube. He also talked about his friends and how his new found celebrity status has not diluted their friendship.  Bhuvan conceded that he was always an average student neither scoring high nor too low but his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, which found encouragement from his dad, an astronomy fan, was shattered when he realized he had to study a lot to become one! Further, Bhuvan was also asked to talk about his inspiration to make Youtube videos.

The episode featured few witty question asking him about the origins of the name of his Youtube channel ‘BB ki vines’ with Bhuvan explaining how he thought vines meant ‘WINES’, a homonym for the former! The fans also got him to answer to hypothetical answers about what he would if he were to be the Indian Prime Minister or the CEO of Youtube. The list of questions also included few clichéd questions like “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

Bhuvan reiterated that he wasn’t affected by numerous troll pages and hate comments that he receives because he felt that the love and support of his fans, family and friends easily overshadowed it and he conceded that he himself finds some of the trolls to be funny. Bhuvan shrewdly dodged the question about him entering Bollywood stating clearly that he was currently concentrating only on his Youtube channel and working towards making it a bigger brand. He made no qualms about being a huge Ranbir Kapoor ‘fan-boy’, vividly praising his acting skills. Bhuvan also addressed the issue of nepotism, in general, being agreed that stereotyping and hypocrisy do exist in the entertainment industry and expressed his desire for working towards changing that.

Finally, he signed off by reading out a poem sent by a fan and some guitar strumming.


You can find the complete video here:

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