Ashish Chanchalani’s Rakshabandhan Special: How Brothers Irritate Sisters

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Here comes yet another interesting video of Ashish Chanchlani, a video of Raksha Bandhan fortnight on Raksha Bandhan itself. The best thing about the video is he hasn’t used his bold comic content which is a surprise. Moreover, the female character playing a role of his sister in this video is his own sister “Muskan Chanchalani” whom he refers to as “Musky”.

As we all know, the relationship between a brother and sister is a strong bond. Though a brother irritates his sister a lot but his heart deep inside tries to give her infinite love and care. The video starts with food sharing “Ek piece lene dena… yek piece!”  but that one piece converts to the whole dish take over. Stil, the sister gives all of it to him as part of love. When the mother doesn’t cook and when he gets to know that his sister cooks, all his hunger vanishes away. And the time when he needs coffee and his sister makes a coffee, though he doesn’t want to drink it yet he pretends to drink it to make her happy. The video outlines best relationship in the world, brother, and sister.


Brothers always want to irritate their sisters but they still love them to the core. Every small fight between them shows competition but at the end of the day calculating the love of their relationship is like making a preschool kid to do masters in Mathematics. Sisters have their main weapon who is  “Papa”  because when your sister starts like “Papa Dekho Na..” your game is over. No matter how much you try, victory finally goes to our sisters. This video is truly another marvel by Ashish Chanchlani.


To conclude, team OnPlay wishes you all a very happy Raksha Bandhan and a small poem written by our team member – Deepesh Katariya dedicated to all the sisters:
“ Zindagi ki wo Khushi hi kya jisme tum na ho,
Zindagi ka wo dard hi kya joh tum na do, Bas khwaish hai tumhare sath ki,
hai bas wo pal,
do pal ki khushiya tumhare sath ki tumhari vidhai se pehle ki”

Check out video here in case you missed it

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