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Author: Sachin Patil

#OnTalk with Awanish Singh: The ‘Desi’ YouTuber

India is a place with myriad cultures and traditions. Our culture and practices have percolated deep within us and that is what gives us the ‘desi’ flavor. In early 2017, one person from Uttar Pradesh set out to showcase this same ‘desi’ Indian hidden inside all of us and today, he is just a whisker away from achieving the 1 Lakh subscribers mark. Meet ‘Awanish Singh’, the YouTuber who has made ‘being desi’ – cool! 1. You have been on the YouTube platform for a year now and you will be reaching 1 lakh subscribers very soon. How has...

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#Ontalk with your lovely YouTuber Sejal Kumar

Where will you get the most happening and trendy outfits at a giveaway price? Ask Sejal Kumar! Well he didn’t just do that, we asked her a lot of other questions too – everything about her videos and her YouTube journey as part of the Diwali-special #Ontalk feature. Following are the excerpts of the same: 1. You father is an Army man and your mother is a gynecologist. Why did you opt for an unconventional career of being a YouTuber? My parents never insisted me on following their footsteps. When I was completing my schooling, I taught myself to shoot...

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#OnTalk With Youtube Ka Baadshah – Bhuvan Bam

It doesn’t get any bigger than this! On this week’s Diwali-special episode of #OnTalk, we bring you someone has been an Indian YouTube sensation. He is a music composer, singer and a delightful YouTuber, who has made us laugh and adore the contrasting characters that he makes up on his channel ‘BB Ki Vines’! Bhuvan Bam sat with us for a brief one-on-one interview. 1. How would you describe your journey so far and your shift from being a musician to one of India’s top YouTuber? It is very tough to put it in words, the journey that I...

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#OnTalk With Anshu Jain aka Small Town Girl

  Carpe Diem! ‘Seize the Moment’! Everyone gets one small window of opportunity to chase their dreams and this is what exactly happened to Anshu Jain. She quit a stable job and plunged into YouTube as Small Town Girl. We have covered a lot of YouTube biggies on #OnTalk but this week, we bring you a rising star in a candid interview. Following are the excerpts. 1. How did a small town girl from Rajasthan end up starting a YouTube channel? I did my engineering from MNIT, Jaipur and was placed as a metallurgical engineer in Reliance. The job...

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#OnTalk With Shubham Gandhi Of RealShit

Ever since they have received the ‘Silver Play’ button, the ‘Three Musketeers’ of YouTube viz. Shubham, Piyush and Deepak of ‘Real Shit’ channel have been on cloud nine. OnPlayNews caught up with Shubham for a quick tit-bit for this week’s OnTalk series. Following is the except of the same 1. Why the name ‘Real Shit’? Any reason behind it? Initially when we used to shoot videos based on an idea, something or the other shitty would happen! We were trying to shoot videos with content which could be easily relatable to the audience and when we decided to name...

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