Jigsaw Pictures is all set to launch their first web series Thinkistan

Thinkistan- A fascinating series based on the sensual, yet unforgiving world of Indian advertising, The show streams for free, starting 24th May only on MX Player.

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Mumbai, 21ST May 2019: Independent film production company, Jigsaw Pictures launches an away-from-the-clutter, a corporate web drama Thinkistan set in the world of Indian Advertising, on the OTT platform MX Player.

 With over a decade of experience and expertise in the production space, having successfully produced a number of unique & divergent content, from hundreds of 20 seconds & longer TVCs to a 2 hour film, Jigsaw Pictures has now come with their very first web series. 

 Set in the 1990’s era, Season 1 starts at the time when a major shift happened in Indian advertising, which brought the Hindi copywriters to the prominence in a field ruled & dominated by the English writers. Thinkistan has layered,fascinating sub plots, realistic advertising ideation processes, campaigns & pitches apart from the sensual, edgy, fun & but the unforgiving world of advertising.

 The story of Thinkistan starts in 1996, around the time when Rajnish & Paddy both were part of this then most creative, aspirational & glamorous profession called Advertising.

 The show stars Naveen Kasturia, Shravan Reddy, Mandira Bedi, Neil Boopalam & Satyadeep Mishra amongst many in the key roles and the story is written and directed by N Padmakumar (Paddy). The show streams for free starting 24th May 2019 only on MX Player.

 Having created a large, cool & realistic office set up of an ad agency along with multiple indoor & outdoor locations, reminiscence of that period, Rajnish Lall, Founder and Creative ProduceJigsaw Pictures commented on the launch saying, “it was an instant yes from me when Paddy shared the concept of Thinkistan, as I could relive and can showcase the glorious & exhilarating world of Indian advertising as an insider.  I was ready for the daunting production as between the two of us at the helm of affairs we couldn’t afford to show anything which cannot be ‘real’ & yet entertaining for viewers pan India across SECs.”

Speaking on the launch Mr. N Padmakumar Writer & Director of Thinkistan shares “To me, chronicling an era and its human movement is the most important aspect of storytelling. On the face of it, Thinkistan is the story of two contrasting characters slugging it out in the seductive, mad world of advertising. One is an English copywriter from a metropolis and the other, a Hindi copywriter from the heartland. Their language and social class form the eventual wedge between them. But the larger narrative of Thinkistan is actually the emergence of the small town in India’s growth story, and the conflict and struggle as a consequence. Ultimately, over a tale spanning over two decades, we realise that ideas have no language and the biggest ideas are the ones that unite us instead of dividing us.”

About Jigsaw Pictures

JIGSAW Pictures is an independent film production company based out of Mumbai, India.

It attempts to bring together stories from different walks of life and make them into highly absorbing and joyous content.

JIGSAW was founded by Rajnish Lall in 2007 with his first ever film ‘The Fall’, winning critical acclaim. Before becoming the Creative Producer at JIGSAW, Rajnish worked for 12 years in various top-10 advertising agencies such as Clarion, Bates and Contract. Later, he remained Marketing Head of the youth channel B4U Music.
Over the past few years, JIGSAW has shot and produced over 500 TVCs, short films, digital films, corporate films and music videos in India and abroad. It has also produced the Hindi feature film ‘Sooper se Ooper’, along with Reliance Entertainment, which released in Oct 2013. The web series ‘Thinkinstan’ is the newest production, along with MX Palyer, which will be released in April 2019.
For TVCs, JIGSAW aligns with the finest Indian and international Directors, depending on the ambition of a client and the requirement of an identified script.
JIGSAW is grateful to all business associates, clients and creative people who have helped put the pieces together and let us interconnect with many individual stories of people and brands from across the world.

Thinkinstan | Official Trailer

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