TVF and MX Exclusive’s new show ‘The Insiders’ has its moments

'The Insiders’ is a story of four kids who are locked in a room every weekend while their parents meet up for dinner and beverages.

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TVF has certainly started a new Eco-system of its own. After having ruled the roost with its diverse content churned across its different YouTube channels like Girliyappa, The Timeliners, and Screen Patti etc. TVF has now turned its attention towards offering its content to other Video-on-Demand (VoD) platforms. After having successfully released ‘I’mMature’ on MX Player’s new launched VoD platform, TVF has come out with yet another web-series in collaboration with MX Player, ‘The Insiders’.

Directed by Pravin Bhasin, starring Omkar Kulkarni, Himka Bose, Arnav Bhasin and Ritvik Joshi, ‘The Insiders’ is a story of four kids who are locked in a room every weekend while their parents meet up for dinner and beverages. They start a self-proclaimed club called the Insiders. Three out of the four guys want to include a few more people including girls but nothing goes their way and they end up having a lot of adventures, adventures of an unusual crazy kind. Although starting with an interesting premise, the web-series falls into the familiar scheme of ‘adventures-with-buddy’ plot.


While the story might certainly not be engaging, at-least not to TVF’s standards, it is the performances that will stay with you. Someone who gives life to the series is Omkar Kulkarni.Himika Bose has done an extremely amazing job. Others fit into their roles perfectly. Brij Bhushan Shukla is the best entertainer in the series. Each of the actors fit into their characterizations perfectly. The story takes a different curve in each episode, pretty entertaining as well as interesting. The characters manage to keep the audience engaged amidst a discontinuous story line.
It captures the wild imaginations and the soaring hopes and dreams that everyone as a teenager could relate to. The five episodes are a treat to watch as the series follows their adventures only fueled by their imaginations which grow crazier each time they meet. It is a different kind of show because it shows how teens of particularly privileged families perhaps pampered so much that they find more comfort in their rooms than anywhere else which truly reflects the condition of some of today’s millenials.

Why is it worth a one-time watch?

It is a different web series which doesn’t include the common story line of romance, comedy or doesn’t seek any sort of social validation. It just deals with the story of four kids growing up. Some of the ‘wow-moments’ include how seamlessly the makers make references to the current affairs like the 2G scam, the works of media etc. When compared to the other web-series being doled to target group of youngsters and teenagers, ‘The Insiders’ comes up as a pretty much bold experiment.

The Insiders | Official Trailer | Releasing on TVFPLAY and MX PLAYER

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