#OnTalk with ‘Messi’ Shivam Aggarwal

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On this week’s OnTalk, we have the upcoming superstar of Webseries space – Shivam Aggarwal. His latest Web series has been trending ever since it was released and his character or ‘Messi‘ has been loved by one and all. Here are some of the excerpts from the interview.

1. When there were many web series out there, what makes LSV stand out in the crowd? Why should new viewers watch it?

It’s a story about three friends who are living together. The chemistry between them, the conversations that they have is so real. They are in sync with what happens in real life, and it’s something that the viewers would connect to.

2.Your previous collaborations with Rajan Shahi have been huge successes and we can see that in LSV too. What’s the secret behind this success?

Rajan Sir likes and believes in our good work. That’s the reason he supports us.

3. There are two types of 18+ content, one with abusive content and the other with bold content. LSV bundles both of these. Is this one of the reasons for the enormous number of views and subscriptions?

We had a fantastic crew and a direction unit which made shooting these scenes comfortably. Another factor is that the story and the genre demands such scenes. However, it is unfair to say that this is the reason for such an enormous reaction. There are many shows which are running successfully without any bold content.

4. How does it feel to be recognised as an upcoming star in Web series space? Since your videos have consistently been in the trending list.

When I was shooting for LSV, I knew this will turn out to be something special and it will trend. Even if it takes a while to do so. However, I was really surprised by the reactions that we got. I did not expect it to be featured in top 5 on the trending list. The other day, a bunch of guys played a clip and asked if I was the same person. Getting recognized because of web series is a really good thing.

5. Your character in the show had high usage of abusive words and erotic scenes. How comfortable were you while shooting those scenes? What was your parents reaction?

Yes, the character Messi was something that I could relate to, except for the ‘Despo’ part. In some scenes, I was required to abuse and in some scenes I stripped down to my undies. It’s all part of being an actor. Before starting the show, I had informed my parents that it’s not for an audience of their generation. They liked my performance, but they wished I was a bit careful with the selection of the genre. However, there’s a thin line between naughty and vulgar. And we were naughty!

6. Any updates you want to share about your future projects.

I will surely have a word with the writers and the director about how to take LSV ahead into season 2. As of now, I am shooting for a movie in Delhi. Once this schedule is wrapped, I’ll return to Mumbai and have a talk. I’m going to return to the TV screens soon.

7. Any Indian Web series that you follow.

Yes, I watch all the renowned and good content that’s out there. TVF comes up with good content. My personal favourites are Permanent Roommates and Band Baaja Baaraat.

Shivam Aggarwal has impressed the viewers with his comic timing and his choice of characters. With many projects under his belt and many more to come, we are sure he will be as entertaining as ever. We wish him all the success for his upcoming releases.

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