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Author: Harsh Naik

Jayvijay Sachan Reacts On Supreme Court No need to stand-up during the National Anthem

Almost eleven months after the Supreme Court made it compulsory for cinema halls to play National Anthem before screening of movies, the court on Monday firmly suggested at revising its order, stating it is for the Centre to take a call on drafting proper rules and regulations. “People do not need to stand up at a cinema hall to be recognized as patriotic,” the court said, adding that it “cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for the national anthem, then he is less patriotic”. People go to cinema halls for undiluted entertainment, said the...

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TVF Inmates – looks Hilariously Promising

Being an epitome of web content for the Indian audience, TVF has always delivered subtle life stories which have touched the right chords. Though, TVF faces a massive competition from the other digital content developers, its loyal fan base and talented dugout has always done wonders. For luring the youth and to gain viewership, listing sex on the menu has become too mainstream. However, TVF has steered away from that general notion. Though, a pinch of boldness with various spices of emotions has made TVF the most tempting dish on the menu. And so comes TVF Play with its...

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#OnOut: TVF’s Inmates Trailer looks promising

5 friends staying in 1 madhouse seem to be a crazy idea. Yes, it is. TVF’s upcoming web-series Inmates is about a group of 5 friends renting a house and leading a happy-go-lucky life. The house contains a struggling actor, a casting director, an entrepreneur, a gamer stuck to a sofa and a mysterious young girl.Now, you never know, these five different people might pull up a desi version of FRIENDS. Written by Raghav Raj Kakker and Kashyap Kapoor, this four-episode web-series looks hilariously promising. And the trailer hints that Inmates have every potion of fun, Now, you never...

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#OnTrend week 37- We All Have That One Friend Feat. Ashish Chanchlani

As the YouTube trend is changing regularly, Ashish Chanchlani and Nick of BeYouNick gave their fans a perfect gift. Recently, the duo collaborated for a video, WE ALL HAVE THAT ONE FRIEND. Ashish and Nick are not only successful YouTubers, they are also good friends in real life. The chemistry of the duo is very much appreciable in the video, and so, the video has garnered a whopping 2 million views. The video does not disappoint at all and is utterly hilarious. To know more about their collaboration, we caught Ashish Chanchlani once again on Onplay for a quick candid...

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#OnTrend: Amit Bhadana – The Youtube Trendsetter

In the world of YouTube, one man emerged as one of the most successful YouTubers of the country. Yes, you guessed it right. He goes by the name of Amit Bhadana. After his last interview with the OnPlay News, he uploaded three videos on his YouTube channel. And all the three videos have garnered more than 3.5 million views and are on top of the trending chart. Yet again, we caught Amit Bhadana for a candid discussion. Take a look at what he had to say. 1. After your last interview with the OnPlay News, you posted three videos....

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