#OnReview – Honest or not honest : Filtercopy’s Honest Office new video

Released on 12th March 2019, ‘Honest Office’ by FilterCopy and BigRock.Co reached 1.8M views till date and has entertained people throughout it’s duration of 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

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One of India’s most famous and entertaining digital channels, FilterCopy serves the best content every day. Be it funny videos, memes, or film sequence mimics, FilterCopy brings out the best content in its own creative way. Released on 12th March 2019, ‘Honest Office’ by FilterCopy and BigRock.Co reached 1.8M views till date and has entertained people throughout its duration of 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Directed by Gaurav Dashputra, casting Aparshakti Khurana and Ronjini Chakraborty in the video, this short video on an Employee’s life portrays an office environment perfectly. As the name goes as ‘Honest Office’ but in the video, Honesty isn’t the best policy.


The video starts with Aparshakti Khurana entering his office and stating all the possible explanations and reasons for being late. We see Ronjini having a meeting with the other employees and describing the data obtained about the company’s performance as some useless values which would do no good to the company. Entering the meeting, Mr.Khurana says hello to all his colleagues and tells Ronjini to accept his daily fake apologies for being late. Pressurizing her colleagues with unnecessary work and public humiliation are some of the traits possessed by the lead female character. The office holds a meeting full of fun, sarcasm, talks which are nowhere related to the purpose of the meeting. Working on a client’s order, Karan (Mr.Khurana) finely depicts the role of an employee who is always humiliated by the client as well as the senior employee, but guess what? He humiliates them even better!

Pretending to work and troubling the client’s correct decision, wasting time on unnecessary work sums up to the theme of the show. Wasting their work time on smoking and giving honest reviews in a sarcastic tone are some of the most entertaining parts. Having dinner with the boss and criticizing everyone present adds more laughter and fun. The hours of the clock shows “Sutta break”, “Out time”, “Overtime”, “Chai time”, “Pura din waste” leave no room for commitment to work. Karan plans for the weekend and Ronjini spoils it all by giving him work for the weekend, the typical life story of an IT employee.


Honesty isn’t the best policy always, especially when it comes to a workplace where you have work with numerous people who have a difference in opinions and different ways to look at a situation. Commitment to work is a must at a workplace where you are employed but other things can add a different flavor to your Office.

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