Straight out of hostel Room – Abhishek Upmanyu

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With a ‘Straight-Out-Of-Hostel-Room‘ look, Abhishek Upmanyu is one of those comedians with whom every youngster can relate to. His Youtube Channel shows up impressive numbers with more than 3 Lakh subscribers and an impressive 15 million plus combined views on his three videos.

His video titled ‘ Delhi, Mumbai and Rich People‘, shot him to popularity and he’s never looked back ever since. His main USP is the way he presents himself, and of course his content. With a typical ‘Delhi‘ accent, the manner in which he compares the general behaviour of Delhi and Mumbai crowds is hilarious. In his next video named ‘ Indian Insults and Comebacks‘, his take on the Indian society and how it takes offence was something which was never done or said before by any performer.

The unique content that he comes up with makes the viewer wish for more. The last video which he uploaded on Youtube was around 4 months ago, and its titles ‘Breakup, Respecting elders and Discrimination‘ became famous for the ‘in-your-face’ type of humour which he displayed. After that, he’s on a nation wide tour for a show titled ‘Thoda Saaf Bol‘, and he is getting an amazing response for his show. We hope he comes up with more content and continues entertaining his viewers more than ever.

Watch “Delhi, Mumbai & Rich People” Video here

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