Spotlight : Web Series about the dark side of Bollywood

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Spotlight, directed by Suhail Tatari is a fictional biopic of a Bollywood starlet featuring Tridha Choudhury along with Sid Makkar.

Tridha Choudhury aka Sana the innocent lawyer actress from Dahleez serial goes bold in this web series and has ultimately added glamour to the show. Sid Makkar a.k.a. Romesh Raj the young & dashing man of the show gets into an extra marital affair with Sana and they share a sizzling chemistry. Sana hails from Himachal Pradesh and arrives in Mumbai to try her luck in Bollywood. There is also a dirty secret behind which brings her to Mumbai is, she was an illegitimate child of a famous Bollywood actor, who left Sana and her mother all alone. So, she in search of him in Mumbai targets her destination in becoming a stardom which grew into vengeance towards her father.

The series will throw light on the dark side of the tinsel world and unearth the grim reality of life in Bollywood behind the facade of glitz and glamor. Sana in the way of her success finds a real man for life, Romesh where her heart craves for love towards him. But as every love story here also obstacles arrives. She kills her crave for love because for her dream as a stardom this news would put a full stop in her career.

Her journey is a bumpy one as she is unlucky for her quest for love. The well ambitious girl leaves behind the love she deserves to in the running race of her career. There comes a twist in the story, Sana gets shot by the director of the film she was making in and later the director kills himself. Now the court cases begin where Romesh gets suspected. Romesh through someone’s help gets access to Sana’s private files. What he finds there sends him into a spin of regrets and memories, as Sana fights for her life. Romesh Raj is gearing up for a press conference to clear his name from linkups with the reigning star Sana Sanyal. But fate has plans of its own.

Now the Question comes

  • What happens next?
  • Will Romesh give a statement against Sana after getting her private files or give her his shoulder?

Start with the first episode to know the answers.

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