Jyoti Aka SuperPrincessJo-The Lady Who Crafted A Digital Salon With Her Natural Beauty Remedies

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Hair fall, Pimples, Dandruff, and the list of problems goes on. But what if you get the solutions to all your queries along with some amazing beauty tips by subscribing to a single channel on YouTube. Yes, it is as easy as it sounded. We have the woman herself sharing her secret stories today on OnTalk.

Jyoti, well known for her channel Superprincessjo on YouTube is all set to talk about her beautiful journey.

1)  Your name SuperprincessJo sounds quite unique. What is the story behind it?

Story is quite simple. I have always felt like a princess call my life and friends called me “Jo” in college days. So when I was choosing a name for my YouTube channel, I tried for “PrincessJo” but since it was already taken, I added “super” to it. And I love this name.

2) How did your journey begin with YouTube? How did this idea come in your mind?

This was back in 2010 When I was living in U.S.A. that I came across videos of makeup tutorials & fashion Haul. I am a shopaholic myself. So, I immediately thought to upload my own videos so that I can do something to use my time to share my love for Beauty and Fashion at the same time. I remember uploading my first video on the same day of discovering the Beauty & Fashion category of YouTube.

3)You have shown some fantastic beauty home remedies through your channel. Do you try it first on someone and then show it?

Oh yes everything that I share on my Youtube is tried on me first. At times, these are also tried on friends and families.

4.) Being a woman, how difficult was it to reach to this point, starting a beauty oriented channel and managing your own life. How has it been for you?

Well, I think It didn’t matter being a woman. It is different on YouTube.  The biggest challenge was to keep it going and being persistent in it, regular uploads in-spite of what ever happens in personal life. Finding your own niche when there were questions like what I was doing and why I was doing was difficult. Being head strong and believing in YouTube and the whole process was more challenging.

5.) How do you think YouTube is emerging as a career platform in India? How can it affect one’s income?

Today, Youtube is the Biggest video platform and because of free internet. People can connect from all around the world and learn so many things like travel, education, cooking and what not. you can definitely earn income from it if you are patient. It takes time and lot of hard work, so if you are ready for that wait and are passionate about video making then you can definitely take it as a career and enjoy the whole process.

6.)What has been your best fan moment.?

There are many it’s hard to choose one, But I like meeting all of these happy faces, ” .who jump on me on the roads and say “Hiiiiiii….I love watching your vid”. Sometimes, even my husband gets recognized by my name which makes me proud and happy.

7.)When there are so many channels running on a similar base, how do you think your channel is different from others?

SuperPrincessjo was the first ever channel who started doing Natural remedies on YouTube, and today I cover a lot of categories like, well makeup, shopping, natural remedies, vlogs, relationship advice and much more. So my channel had good balance of things and the audience loves to come back for that freshness.

A beauty with a brain! Her concepts can catch every drop of success.

8.) Also, how do you think channels based on beauty tips competes with other popular channels of comedy or music?

No, as I said, they are all different categories on YouTube and each category has their own audience, we can not compare these categories. All of them are doing great on YouTube.

9.) You even sometimes post your personal vlog video sharing your life scenes. How do your fans react to it?

I started sharing personal life on youtube after a lot of requests from my Fans whom I called my Online family. Since then I started uploading these personal vlogs and I got a lot of positive response on these videos, it builds a strong connection with your viewers.

10.) How do you define beauty? Who is the most beautiful face according to you?

To me, the real beauty lies inside. A beautiful and kind heart with a smile on the face is beautiful. For me, every person who is kind to others is beautiful.

11.)What Difference has YouTube made in your life?

YouTube has been my support system, It has been my tutor, my inspiration and a lifetime experience.I traveled to countries like Japan, South Korea, India because of  YouTube. Also Sharing my own talent and content on YouTube helped me to feature in many National and international news papers and that’s a great deal in itself. It helped me to believe in what I am doing.

12.) In future, do you plan any offline tutorials also? What is your plan!

Well, I am a dreamer. Being a Pisces I also day dream that means I always have one or the other idea in my mind, and currently, I have plans of having my own makeup and beauty line, writing a book, opening a salon chain, starting a business and sharing YouTube knowledge with others. There are so many things that I have planned on, but can’t say anything further until anything is concrete.

13.) Any special message for the ladies out there and your fans?

Yes. Believe in yourself and stay positive. There will always be criticism when you do something new, appreciation comes only after success.So never give up and support other women too in what they are doing. Together we can move the mountains.

Her answers would make you believe that beginners would be winners one day. All you need to do is to keep faith in your ideas and work hard towards your passion.

Cheers to all the women who dare to dream.

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