#OnTalk With Jayvijay Sachan – Impersonator of India

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The only mimicry artist who has stood as a semi-finalist in India’s Got Talent till date and the star whose Interview today at OnTalk would make you believe in your dreams, JayVijay Sachan, the impersonator of India. With a big number of subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has some really amazing stories to tell as well. Let us know them.

1.You have been a semi finalist in India’s Got Talent. A variety of art forms are performed on that stage. Do you think mimicry get the much-needed recognition on such a platform?

In India, mimicry is generally defined in terms of comedy only. On the other hand, mimicry is adapting to a character to perfection. It is something that can be used as a medium to spread a message or for the entertainment of the audience. Even being discouraged by some people, I always believed in my talent. That’s what took me to beat such tough competitors on the IGT platform.

 “Mimicry is not a limited edition, you have to explore it yet.”

2.In your opinion, what has played a major role in your consistent growth – IGT, television, or YouTube?

According to me, the thing that has kept me intact with my fans is experimentation. The Internet is huge and earning a name here is bigger. I have always tried to explore a wider range and provide a variety of entertainment rather than sticking to a single genre.

3.You are a comedian, a producer, and an actor too. What is your actual passion? What would be your future plans on it?

I see myself as a complete entertainment package. But honestly, I  dream to take mimicry in India to a next level. Mimicry artists should gain the respect and recognition they deserve. I am dedicated towards my goal, and I want to make a point that being an impersonator is an identity itself.

   He is an entertainer by profession and a true artist by wisdom. No wonder why he has such a     huge fan following!

4.Define the following terms in one sentence :

  • YouTube : a sea of talented faces
  • Television : a lifetime opportunity
  • Shahrukh Khan : He is my God

5.Comedy is getting bold day by day. What is your comment on that?

India is a country where sentiments of people are easily hurt. So in my opinion, there should be a line defining comedy. I myself have experienced a life threatening call after  I posted a video in support of Modi Ji. But after all, we have people who watch Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and people who follow AIB as well. It is your choice.

6.How do you think mimicry marks a difference with respect to the comedy in terms of content preparation?

Framing up a joke involves the creation of humor. When it comes to mimicry, you have an added responsibility of portraying the chosen character to a level next to perfection. You do get support but it becomes an important factor to justify the character well enough through your content. So, it is a bit difficult.

7.Your mimicry is well appreciated by stars and audience. What is the best compliment you have got?

I travel a lot. When people come to me and say, “ Bhai kamaal kaam Karte ho” or “ tumhare jaisa aur Koi nahi”, I feel a boost in my confidence. Whether it has been Shahrukh sir appreciating my talent or any other person, I have always felt really grateful and motivated through it.

8.Web-series are the new trend. Have you been approached by someone? Any plans in near future to work in web industry?

I have got many offers. But I always look for a role which is not defined to a certain parameter. I don’t want to bind my acting to a particular field. So if any such role comes by, I would love to do that.

9.Who is your favorite YouTuber?

I like Zakir Khan & TVF because the way he outlines comedy in his content is outstanding.

10.What message would you like to give to your fans?

I just want to say that whatever I am is because of my fans. I am really thankful for all the love and support I have got from my fans.

JayVijay proved that he is not just the admirer of the winners, but a backhand of beginners as well. He had a calm and composed voice, but a noise of aspirations and hard work in his thoughts.

A big congratulation to this shining star. Hear from Jayvijay in SRK voice :

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