ALT Balaji Releases Special ‘Gandii Baat’ Episode – ‘Gudiya Rani’

Gudiya Rani is yet another episode of the show, which revolves around the elements of sensuality, mystery.

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The bold and unapologetic themed anthology series Gandii Baat has been grabbing eyeballs and creating a whirlpool of drama since its first episode was released way back. With viewers glued to the screen, this steamy and highly sexual show has even caught the attention of viewers and has made its place in Top 10 shows on IMDB rating.

After a successful run of ‘Gandi Baat’ season 1 and 2, Ekta Kapoor and her team are back with a special episode of the series titled, ‘Gudiya Rani’. Released on 11th of April on Ekta Kapoor’s Video on Demand platform, ALTBalaji, ‘Gudiya Rani’ is yet another episode of the show, which revolves around the elements of sensuality, mystery, and of course, phenomenal acting by all the stars involved.

Starring Vikas Verma, Rakesh Dubey, Alpa Joshi, Pari Goswami, and Naina Chhabra among others, the trailer of ‘Gudiya Rani’ was released on 7th April and gave us a sneak peek into the life of the main character. Here’s our review of the special episode. Here’s our review of this special episode of Gandii Baat ‘Gudiya Rani’.

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The trailer of the episode ‘Gudiya Rani’ had already attracted huge views from the loyal fan base the series had established in its run of first two seasons. Now, it’s obvious that viewers are intrigued and want more of ‘Gandii Baat’, and with this special episode, Ekta Kapoor is fulfilling the wishes the fans were waiting for since long.

The talented actor Vikas Verma portrays the role of the protagonist, a truck driver named Kishen Singh. The episode highlights the story of Kishen, who gets entangled in the web of lies and mysteries due to his loose behavior toward engaging with women. During one of his regular engagement of enjoying a night with a woman, Kishen finds himself sandwiched between an old couple. As Kishen tries to make sense of the peculiar he is stuck in, many stories unravel themselves and link his current situation to the deeds he had committed in the past. The episode progresses ahead and shows how Kishen’s history gets repeated, and how he learns from the situation he is currently facing. But what would be the final outcome? Would he be able to escape from the clutches of the couple who has held him captive, or will Kishen have to give up his desire to get physical with women?

But to solve this mystery and see how Kishen’s story ends, you would have to watch this special episode of Gandii Baat.

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