#OnTalk With Anveshi Jain – The name which itself has become a title

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Engineers of India are as much diversely talented as their own country.

True. Isn’t it?
And today, we have one more engineer and the girl being the most googled person, Anveshi Jain. She is an actor, a vlogger, a singer and in short, a change maker in the society where the girls are limited to a single dimension. Here’s what Anveshi Jain had to share with Onplay News in her interview:

1. Being talented and continuously working into so many streams, how did Acting happen to you?

I joined the theatre soon after I completed my Engineering. I always loved being on stage as I had been anchoring in my college days as well. Performing various characters during theatre shows was something which I really liked and that’s how I realized I should give this side of me a chance. And since 2014, I am working into this.

2. How did AltBalaji audition come to you?

It was something which happened within 20 minutes to me. The casting team was searching an apt actor for my role in Gandi Baat 2 and that is when Mohit Sharma from the team approached me. I got a call that Ekta Kapoor has confirmed on my name. And it was just those 20 minutes which brought this project to me. It was something which seemed like meant to happen thing.

3. Your character was very bold in the Gandi Baat 2. Were you aware of this? How was your parents’ reaction?

Yes. I was aware that it will be something around that. But, I knew once I will get a shot on television, I wouldn’t let my work getting unnoticed as an actor. Regarding the family, initially, I used to very scared, to be honest as I belong to a small town. But gradually, when I started getting the appreciation for my work, my parents also understood the scenario. Though they still like me more as a host and keep telling me to host shows like Indian Idol, etc. But I always feel to surrender to life to where it takes you.

4. You are recognized as a global anchor, an influencer. What is the one thing that keeps you motivated?

I have done lot of courses with Mind Tree such as how to make your brain wired for a specific task. Even I lost weight before Gandi Baat. As I moved more towards workout, it had a good impact on my mind as well, in line with my body. And the second thing is that I do not listen to music much but I keep on listening to words of motivational speakers. It keeps me intact and focussed towards my work.

5. We saw you in Amazon prime video of Blind dates, featuring with Shilpa Shetty. How did this happen?

Ironically, my name was first on a confusing point as the three males selected were younger to me. But, when my audition went to the US office, they said that they would want me as the preferred girl for the show. Therefore, the male actors were replaced.

6. Where are we seeing Anveshi Jain next?

You guys will be seeing me soon in a woman centric Tamil movie. There are so many scripts in the queue to choose from. So hope for the best.

As she says and we quote,

Follow your calling, it will follow you.

And that’s how even her father named her – Anveshi, means an explorer. The girl who has explored the hearts of Indian audiences with her talent and beauty.

ख़ोज रही वो मंज़िल है अपनी हज़ारों राहों में,
वो छा रही है आसमान पर,
अपने सफ़र की इन उड़ानों में।

If you haven’t searched her on Google yet, do it right away!

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