4 Romantic Web Series You Should Watch With Your Valentine

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Valentine’s Day! The day to celebrate love and companionship with your partner. Some might have planned a day out with their Valentine while the long-distance couples might have just had a virtual morning coffee together on the video call. In all this seasonal week of promises and teddies, the singles might have watched the trolls and memes while secretly waiting for their permanent roommate inside heart.

So for all the people who don’t have a date or their date with them today, we bring to you the list of web series outlining romance and a lot of romance to pass your day with:

1. Little Things Season One

Having a companion with whom Pani Puri is tastier, with whom spending days don’t feel like a for-sake thing! Having the one with whom the little things seem brighter and more beautiful is all what a person love in a relationship. And this is what Kavya and Dhruv teach us in Little Things, A Dice Media Originals.

Little things matter.

It is filled with the magic of togetherness and how love gives a positive direction to the lives of people in it. Read exclusive #OnTalk with Dhruv Sehgal here.

2. Little Things Season 2

Looping your day with both the seasons won’t be a bad option. Where Season one shows the first stage of a relationship with a lot of romance, Season Two outlines the complications and fights between Dhruv and Kavya. The journey of maintaining a balance between discovering self and love for each other is delineated amazingly in Season 2. It shows that love is not only about good times only, it is also about accepting the imperfections and getting along with it smoothly.

Tinko se hi Ghar banta hai, Choti chizon se hi pyaar badhta hai.

Read our latest coverage on Little Things Season 2 here.


Do you remember the teenage game you played in schools? And the blush you got when L for love came with your crush?
Yes! FLAMES! This teenage love story based web series by The Timeliners came out as the cutest story. How does our heart sings “Pehla Nasha” in that first sight, how that first kiss, first date, and the innocent love surrounds life with happiness is all that the series shows. Relive those emotions once again through this story. Have a look at the trailer here.

4. Permanent Roommates

Last but not least, the evergreen TVF’s Permanent Roommates is favorite of all. Adding a pinch of Long distance love concluding to Mikesh proposing to Tanya and their love journey taking new turns and meanings. Not only the characters but the script was a big viral. The dialogues stroke through the hearts of the audiences Micky and Tanu became the couple setting goals for the viewers. Check out the trailer here.

Happy Valentine’s Day viewers from OnPlay News. Enjoy the taste of love with the episodes of these web series.
Drop in comments if you love any of the above or any other series which can be watched with the same flavor of romance.

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