Little things Season 2 – A New Take On Relationship

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Netflix has bought the rights to stream popular youtube series Little Things starring Dhruv Sehgal (Dhruv) and Mithila Palkar (Kavya) which was launched back in 2016. The first season became very popular on YouTube as it managed to gain over 32 million views. Unlike the Bollywood romances, the Dhruv and Kavya’s show is a chaotic take on modern-day relationships. Thereby this unique love story portrays a long-winded discussion on the little things that make a difference in love and life. The second season witnesses a significant change in the lives of the protagonists. On one hand, Kavya gets promoted in her workspace, whereas Dhruv quits his present job distorting their equation when faced with the social restraints about assigned gender roles.

Dhruv and Kavya are not #CoupleGoals anymore. They struggle to manage their couple life and get stressed about the future. Dhruv quits his job without discussing it with Kavya and she is the only bread earner now contrary to typical Indian patriarchal
family. They soon realize that their interpretation of life is very different from one another though there is deep Love and friendship. This makes Dhruv wonder if they are hanging onto something that doesn’t exist anymore? Is the special connection still there between them? Are they still friends?

Kavya on the other hand is worried about their future and wants to plan everything unlike Dhruv, who wants to slow down, to breath every moment and explore life to it’s best. She considers Dhruv as immature when he quits the job without discussing it with her. In the 7th episode, there is a smart interpretation of their differences in bathing using ‘baalti and magga’ (bucket and mug) or under a shower. Dhruv is fine with bathing with bucket and mug whereas Kavya thinks that one should desire to take bath under a shower and try to achieve something better.

Aligning to the differences in thoughts what two people in a relationship always have, the show strikes a genuine hit on millions of hearts.

Watch Trailer Of Little Things Season 2 By Netflix

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