‘The Final Call’ of boarding for a thriller ride!

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Picturizing a novel is always difficult for the production team but is always a thriller for its viewers. Based on the novel “I will go with you”, by Priya Kaur, Zee5 brings a psychological thriller this series season, The final call. The first episode which has already released on Friday, i.e. 22nd February, is already in the list of favorites. The series has hit the soft spot by bringing in National Award Winner and Model-turned-actor Arjun Rampal in the main lead. In addition to him, the series casts a few familiar faces like Sakshi Tanwar, Javed Jaffrey, Neeraj Kabi, Pradeep Rawat, and others. Zee5 has come with a slew of content to cater to all types of audiences but ‘The Final Call’ takes the cake with its intriguing premise. The two trailers which were released in January and last week respectively build up to the suspense. The star cast and the production has remained tight-lipped about the story of the web series given the suspense-thriller genre of the web series, however, the series would see Neeraj Kabi essay the role of an astrologer while Arjun plays the role of a pilot with grey shades.

The trailer builds up with Arjun Rampal boarding a plane with poison, the plane is headed from Mumbai to Sydney. We will see Arjun as a pilot with a dark past and a psychological disorder. While having a look at its trailer, we expect to see Arjun Rampal play the character with grey shades who time and again gets a flashback of his terrible violent past when he was trained to kill and was told not to think. He was a pilot in the Military, where he might have witnessed the death of innocent people and wants to take revenge. He is seen as a total package of emotions of patriotism. We find Arjun Rampal playing the role of Karan Sachdev who is on a suicide-cum-murder mission. Many lives, one destination – death. The flight is expected to crash, as hinted by its trailer. He would show people how to play the game, who would wish to play around it with him. A whole suspense-awaited thriller is in the list of Must watch series of 2019. The trailer has received more than 4 million views which shows that the viewers would love it. So fasten your seatbelts, for the journey and the story is going to be rough and turbulent! You can watch it on ZEE5 app.

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