Stand-up comedians: The Most Loved YouTubers These Days

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Where comedy was once an important part of Hindi flicks, it has now got an entire new platform, Stand-up Comedy.

Gone are those days when the comedians were among the supporting cast. Comedy has now become the bigger stage and the stand-up comedians are the new heroes.

So, let us talk about the two stand-up comedians that forced our subscriptions onto a continuous laughing channel.

  • Kanan Gill

The bachelor of computer science from Bangalore made a million fans with his pretentious movie reviews videos. Be it his “ How insensitive” sketch comedy show or the live stage, he has reached a marvel in stand-up comedy. Kanan Gill has 510k subscriber on YouTube and his videos can make you laugh rolling on the floor. Hers’s one of his video to check out:

  • Zakir Khan

“ Fan honge dusro k, apne toh dost hote hain” -Zakirism

The man who came in 2012 and made his own kingdom of comedy by 2017. The part time comedian, Zakir Khan left his job to begin a career in stand-up comedy. His shows are a mega hit. Whether in comedy canvas club or jashn-e-rekhta or any other stage, zakirism has touched a million of people.  About six lakh of subscribers, Zakir Khan is a trending face in stand-up comedy.

If you don’t believe us guys, just watch one video of the two faces discussed above. I bet, you won’t be able to stop yourself laughing loudly.

Give it a shot, thank us later.

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