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Zakir Khan is ‘Haq Se Single’

Zakir Khan is ‘Haq Se Single’
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In recent times, Zakir Khan has gained a massive fan following. All thanks to his uncanny style of talking and his heavily sarcastic content. A look at the numbers associated with his YouTube account is enough to call him a force to reckon with in the Indian Stand-up Comedy scene.

In his recently released video ‘Haq Se Single’ ( Available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video), Zakir Khan compares life in a relationship to a life being single. His hilarious take on the multiple facets of a relationship will surely tickle your funny bone. With a longer runtime of around 90 minutes, Zakir still manages to keep the audience and viewer hooked to his act, thanks to his witty one-liners and ‘Zakirisms’.

Credit where it’s due, it’s great to see the major players of online streaming industry giving a platform to upcoming comedians and performers. For now, enjoy your weekend by watching ‘Haq Se Single’ on Amazon Prime Video.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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