Girliyapa brings to you the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

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Dolled up brides, magnificent venue decorated with flowers of every color and shimmering light, stalls filled with every imaginable mouthwatering dish, and a sherwani clad groom. Yes, you guessed it right. The wedding season is here, and what could be more amusing than attending your BFFs wedding? The answer is planning her Bachelorette party, and this wedding season, Girliyapa brings to you all the behind-the-scenes of what goes on in a Bachelorette party. Featuring Shreya, Hira, Ronjini, and Samentha, the video titled What Happens In A Bachelorette Party which was released on February 6th and captures every little detail of how girls behave when they are free and enjoying with their friends. From drinking the night away to joking about living the fullest before getting imprisoned for life in the hand-cuffs of marriage, Girliyapa’s hysterical take on bachelorette party is sure to relate with every bridezilla and her girl gang.

Girliyapa tells you how to throw the best Bachelorette party ever

The girl gang of Girliyapa, all sitting in a hyped pub, begin their night of craziness with a call to the pizza place ‘Who’s your Daddy’ pizza. With a seductive male voice on the other side receiving their pizza order, the bachelorette party begins with a bang. Taking the madness further, the gang moves on to open gifts for the bride-to-be, Sameera, by playing dumb-charades and asking Sameera to guess the gifts before unwrapping them. The game entirely takes an amusing turn when all the gifts from a whip to a brand-new bra turn out to be quirky accept for a watch gifted by the youngest girl of the group. The game surely tickles the nerves of the viewers with all the weird and funny combinations of actions that girls come up with.

But no the night is still young and the party is not over yet, because it ain’t a bachelorette party if girls don’t get drunk and share each other’s embarrassing stories. The gang plays ‘Never Have I Ever’ and sparks fly high with all these girls getting high on the spirit of the night ahead of themselves. The video further takes a wild turn and shows a drunk girl of the gang taking up the stage of DJ and giving a speech about feminism and patriarchy (never let your philosopher friend drink too much). But they keep the mood light by infusing an attention-grabbing background beat along with girls cheering up and saying ‘what happens in a bachelor party, stays in a bachelor party’.

The night was indeed filled with laughter, philosophies, booze, giggles, and most importantly, your love for your girl squad.

Top Three Instances that stand out in the video

1. Girls discussing the cake brought in for Sameera’s bachelorette.
2. Sameera asking ‘Fir hand-cuffs Kaun De Raha Hai’ (who’s is gifting me hand-cuffs then?) during the opening of gifts.
3. All the girls shouting together and uploading their finest pictures and videos on social media websites because it isn’t a party if the pictures are not present on Instagram.

Watch – What Happens In A Bachelorette Party By Girl

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