Delhi Crime: Grim, Gruesome, Yet Gripping Story from the Case Files of Delhi Police

2012 gang-rape incident became one of the most talked about crime and raised innumerable questions on women safety, not only in the Indian capital but throughout the country.

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Why her? Why did you do this to her?

When we saw her boyfriend enjoying with her, we thought we could have some fun too.

She was wearing shorts. She asked for it.

That lady was out at night. She is equally responsible.

How many times have such statements made headlines in news? I suppose countless. While the unfortunate and dull-witted minds do not hold their tongues and say things that have zero degrees of truth, they too were forced to accept that a victim is never to be blamed owing to one heinous and infamous gang-rape case that shook the entire nation on 16th of December 2012.

A 23-year old medical student was gang-raped, molested, and brutally thrashed along with her male friend in a moving bus in Delhi. As the details of this monstrous crime came to light in pieces, the entire nation woke up to a new day and hopefully a new mindset. Outraged by the incident, India witnessed a nation-wide protest to demand justice for the girl, which they eventually were awarded. Famously came to be known as the Nirbhaya case, 2012 gang-rape incident became one of the most talked about crime and raised innumerable questions on women safety, not only in the Indian capital but throughout the country.

Now, six and a half years later, in 2019, this case has been developed into a Netflix-originals web series, ‘Delhi Crime’ by Richie Mehta of the ‘India in a day’ fame. In his web series, Richie Mehta brings the other side of the story that was not telecasted on any Indian news channel nor was it published in the papers. Instead of repeating the grim and gruesome incident once again on the screen, Richie chose to show the incident from another angle and walks the viewers through the narrative of Delhi police, which was overshadowed by Indian media.

Starring Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, and Adil Hussain among others, the series shows the arrest of all the six male accused in gang-rape over a span of five days with some of the best detectives and police officers deployed on the case. Since its release, ‘Delhi Crime’ has garnered huge praises from international media houses, Bollywood celebrities, and viewers alike.

The Narrative – How the story peels off layer-by-layer?

The story shown in the series is the aftermath of the incident. Revolving around the DCP of South district, Vartika Chaturvedi, played by the applaud-worthy and National award winner Shefali Shah, who has been assigned to the case. She gathers her best officers and starts investigating the crime. As the entire team works around the clock to unravel the mystery and catch the culprits, they are all shock by the inhumane details that come to the light slowly.

While Vartika has resolved the crack the case at earliest and bring all the culprits to justice, the political pressure keeps mounting up and protest gets more intense with each passing day. However, unmoved by all the disturbances and negative energy around her, Vartika succeeds in nabbing all the six accused in less than one week.

One of the Police officers also perfectly summarizes the reason, he thinks, is behind such brutal crimes

It’s simple. Economics. The bigger the gap between the rich and poor, the more the crimes will happen. While rich have brought more money into the society, but it is not reaching the poor. So, they try to take it.

Moreover, India has an explosion of uneducated youth, they have no sex education but they get free porn, which affects their innocent mind. They objectify women and want that in their life, thus giving rise to such incidents.

A Peek into the life of Delhi Police

From its first shot and the introductory phrase, the series establishes a foundation for viewers to expect nothing but an unadulterated portrayal of the investigation of 2012 gang-rape case. Being the creator, writer, and director of ‘Delhi Crime’, Richie Mehta said that the entire nation was outraged when the crime into light, but when he met the brave police officials, who worked tirelessly and hidden in the curtains to put culprits behind the bars, he wanted to put forward their stories in front of the people. Thus, he began the journey of researching the case and met with a number of police officials during his research.

Besides, Richie has crafted the storyline that blends the personal lives of all the involved police officers with the ongoing investigation to show the long working hours they endure in minimum basic facilities available to them.

SHO Vinod Kumar asking his staff to cut down on fuel expenses and pay electricity bills instead, a constable skipping working hours to buy medicines for his wife because he doesn’t get free time to run errands, and DCP Vartika trying to console her daughter to not leave Delhi; All these acts portray the personal sacrifices officers made to solve a crime.

Inspired by the Case Files of Delhi Police

The entire series is based upon the details retrieved from the case files of Delhi Police. Chhaya Sharma, who inspired Sefali’s character in Delhi Crime, was assigned the case in real life, and just like a strong-headed leader, she spearheaded a team of 41 officers to crack this case. Chhaya’s wholehearted dedication toward solving the crime and putting culprits behind the bars is brilliantly weaved by Richie Mehta.


‘Delhi Crime’ certainly has a star cast brimming with talent and on-point acting. While Shefali Shah as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi takes the cake, there are many other performances that leave a mark on viewers consciousness. Rajesh Tailang, as Inspector Bhupendra Singh, stands tall throughout the series and becomes the backbone of the entire investigation. Rasika Dugal, as IPS Trainee Neeti Singh, is the dutiful officer who has recently joined to force and wants to make a change. Even Adil Hussain as Commissioner Kumar Vijay puts his best acting foot forward. Other actors including Mridula Sharma, Gopal Dutt Tiwari, Anurag Arora, and Yashaswini Dayama have portrayed their characters best throughout the playtime.

The Verdict

Richie Mehta has so orchestrated the series that audiences might feel that there are a lot of dark phases in the show, but that makes it relatable and near reality. The series surely leaves a mark on viewers and forces them to think about the entire 2012 episode and other cases that have come to light as well. It shows that while all accused may have been arrested, the crime has already happened, which always destroys the lives of all the people involved.

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