#OnReview – MX’s latest series ‘I’mMature’ is worth a watch

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School is a place which gives you a lot of memories and then becomes a memory. The most cherishing part about school is not its teachers, canteen or classrooms but it is our friends who help us make remember those spots as we had spent crazy time together. Friends are a basic need in one’s life. There are friends, there is family and then there are friends who are family. A group of 3 friends is the best, consisting of one who cracks the joke, one who is the victim of the joke and one who enjoys the joke.

Depicting the story of the school and a group of 3 friends from the school, is the storyline of I’mMature, a MX player original series. The series casts Chinmay Chandraunshun (Kabir), Omkar kulkarni(Dhruv), Visshesh Tiwari(Susu) and Rashmi Agdekar(Chavvi) as its lead. Kabir, Susu and Dhruv are a group of 3 friends who eat together, play together, commit crimes together and get punished together. Kabir seems to be a cool dude and also behaves as the head of the group. Dhruv is always seen under pressure to perform well in academics as his elder sister was excellent in the same. If the elder sibling is the best, parents never appreciate the efforts and activities of the younger- a social issue we all face. Dhruv, is a victim of the same. Susu suffers from colour blindness and never understands sarcasm.

The series portrays all the love angles possible in a school, i.e, between a class topper and an average student, a student and a teacher. Dhruv feels strongly for Chavvi and Susu feels for Ms. Sonam, their teacher. Dhruv tries hard to impress Chavvi and then he is hit with the realization that Chavvi is in a relationship with Shantanu. Susu also realizes that Ms.Sonam is going to become Mrs.Sonam. As any other friend would suggest, Kabir suggests Dhruv and Susu to go to a bar as they had a heartbreak. While having drinks, Dhruv tells Kabir that he wants to hit Shantanu. When they meet Shantanu in his flat, they realize that he is a very genuine guy. They also come to know that Chavvi had broken up with Shantanu stating that she was going to Kota and couldn’t continue the relation. Dhruv tries to back off as he thinks that long distance relationships won’t work. One day, Dhruv confesses his feelings to Chavvi and finds that Chavvi herself is interested in him. They decide to go on a date. Nandini (Chavvi’s best friend) warns her not to initiate things, as long distance relationships don’t work. We see the series ending with Chavvi not able to resist herself when Dhruv gives her a shirt with memories by her dear ones as her farewell gift. She kisses him, giving him a hope that they are meant to be for each other and long distance relationships do work. Everything is right if you are with the right person. A damn relatable stuff by MX, as all of us, have been through or it or are a part of it.

The acting performances of the lead cast are commendable and deserve all the praise. The story, built on a very relatable and nostalgic premise, transitions smoothly between the scenes. In fact, the cherry on the cake is the appearance of the senior TVF cast members as teachers and other staff of the school. They end up creating an impression on the audience, albeit, their brief appearance. For its relatable story and some great scenes, I’mMature is worth a watch.

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