#OnReview – TVF Tripling Season 2 is Bumpy Road Trip with Many Ups and Downs

From best sweets in town to the world-famous tourist destinations, Tripling 2 takes viewers along with it on the road trip.

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Your favorite siblings are back. Chandan, Chitvan, and Chanchal are back together and as always, sparks of rivalry and love fly high among the trio as they, yet again, go on a road trip and explore new places.

The second season of TVF’s original ‘Tripling’ has made headlines since its trailer and the title track was released a few weeks ago. Now, after waiting for ages, fans can finally dig into the crazy life of these siblings again. TVF released all the five episodes of Tripling 2 on 5th of April on its official app ‘TVFPlay’ as well as on Sony Liv.

Created by Sameer Saxena, written by Akarsh Khurana and Sumeet Vyas, Tripling 2 stars the same lead characters, Sumeet Vyas, Amol Parashar, Kunaal Roy Kapur, and Maanvi Gagroo. However, as the franchise grows in its popularity, TVF has also brought in a few new faces such as Kubra Sait, Shweta Tripathi, Gajraj Rao, Nidhi Bisht, and Ranjit Singh. Although these characters have significantly less screentime, they play pivotal roles in the entire five-episode series. Even TVF’s star player, Jitendra Kumar makes a special appearance.

Explore the Cities with the Trio

The iconic road trip of three siblings does not begin as any viewer might expect it to. Chandan has now become a famous author of the book, ‘Tripling’, which throws lights on the events and stories of what happened during the first road trip of the season. With his book banned in Rajasthan and being turned into a feature film, comes an innumerable problem for Chandan. But not before he meets Chitvan and Chanchal.

Chandan runs into Chitvan in a public washroom, the same way he ran into him in the first season, but this time Chitvan is not alone. Chitvan now has a baby and a girlfriend, who is a self-established human rights lawyer.

As Chandan and Chitvan set out to attend the Literature festival at Jaipur, the controversy around Chandan’s book comes into the play and Chanchal marks her appearance. While the story unfolds, and viewers are introduced to a very angry Chanchal, who is also an MLA now.

Apparently, Chandan’s book created a ruckus in Chanchal’s royal household, when one of the chapters described Chanchal’s husband, Pranav as impotent. This allegation spread like wildfire in Rajasthan’s political arena, squashing Pranav’s aspirations of contesting elections, and eventually winning. Thus, when Pranav leaves the royal household and goes missing, Chanchal is accused of murdering her own husband, prompting the trio to begin their road journey to find Pranav and prove Chanchal’s innocence.

This road trip then takes the siblings through the nawabi Lucknow, vibrant Kolkata, and beautiful Gangtok.

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The Wow Factor

It’s definitely the bond between these three siblings. Chandan, Chitvan, and Chanchal might not have spoken to one another for six months after getting together for their season 1 road trip, but they do still have a warm connection among themselves. Tripling 2 even put out a few childhood memories of the siblings.

The addition of new characters also brought in a wave of fresh air in the entire storyline. Characters such as bygone but full of himself, Nawab Sikandar Khan, nawab’s wife, Zainab, and a private investigator set the entire mood of the series to a different course. The way Tripling 2 tackled the age-gap in the marriage of Nawab Sikandar Khan and Zainab is also commendable.

Lastly, the best part of Tripling 2 is highlighted in the cultures of the places the trio visits. From best sweets in town to the world-famous tourist destinations, Tripling 2 takes viewers along with it on the road trip.

What was amiss?

When compared to its previous season, Tripling 2 fails in terms of putting forward a reasonable and able-to-digest series of events at a few places. The storyline of the series could have been made more interesting and relatable, similar to the first one. Even the drama surrounding politics could have been made a little bit realistic.

However, TVF missed in addressing one of the most important aspects in Tripling 2 – male impotency. The news of Pranav not being able to sire children becomes such a huge scandal that this sensitive topic ended up becoming the comical theme of this series during today’s modern time. Surfacing this issue on such a wide and audience-attracting platform could have been done such that the topic was accepted as a normal alteration in male functioning, and not as a disease or a crime. Pranav had to step down from his political post, dismiss his candidature, and become an element of humiliation due to a rumor. All these could have been presented in a way that would have made viewers woke about such issues. Yet, the entire series of events could have unfolded in the same manner had it had happened with someone in real life.

Also, as Tripling 2 is a light-hearted web series about three siblings enjoying a road-trip together, viewers can afford to ignore this aspect.

Overall, you would like to take a road trip again with these crazy and dysfunctional (as many people throughout the series calls them) siblings. So, hop on the car and enjoy your road trip with TVF and Tripling 2.

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