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In the world of web-series, there are many web-series, which are loved by the youth. And then enters The Aam Aadmi Family! The only web-series loved by the audience of every generation is The Aam Aadmi Family. This show is a peephole inside a common Indian family- their lifestyle, their struggles and their moments. The characters are crafted so well that you can relate them to your real life.

Streamed on the channel, The Timeliners, The Aam Aadmi Family depicts the Sharma family, which is a normal-common family. With some of the familiar faces of the Indian television industry and Bollywood, The Aam Aadmi Family has turned out to be a standout amongst the most prevalent web-series. Now in its second season, The Aam Aadmi Family has reliably accumulated more than a million views for every episode. With the honest script, the simplicity of the characters and their stellar performances, the OnPlay team wishes that the show reaches new milestones.

Lubna Salim, who plays the role of Mrs. Sharma, will shed light on her experience of working in The Aam Aadmi Family.


1. After having a successful career in the Indian Television industry, what is the reason behind this experiment you did by working in a web-series?

Yes, The Aam Aadmi was an experiment, which I initially rejected. But after reading the script, I was awe-inspired by its simplicity and freshness. Now I am happy that I gave it a shot because the web-series has received an amazing response.

2. How different is it working in a web-series than a TV show? And what challenges did you face?

There weren’t any challenges as such but one thing that I felt is that how am I going present my character in a lesser time frame? But that’s where Apoorv and Kunal, the director-writer duo made it look easy. Ya obviously, the web-series is very different from the mainstream TV shows as it is unique and refreshing. Television has become very repetitive and that’s the reason I am a bit off from the television. Nowadays, the Indian television runs on a low IQ and it is not attractive at all, but this web-series was fun. And even for the audience, it is very user-friendly as it is accessible from anywhere and from any device or system. And if you get a family entertainer on a digital platform it is definitely bound to attract.

3. In what way is The Aam Aadmi Family similar to the middle-class families living in the Indian society?

Honestly, in today’s time, none of the TV show or the web-series depicts the lives of the typical middle-class family. And that’s where The Aam Aadmi Family wins! We have hit the right chord and the viewers also feel the same. You won’t believe but I have seen some comments from the viewers such as, is your family for real? And OMG! You are just like my mom. So we have successfully reached the heart of the common people. And this is where we win. The viewers are seeing what they experience in their real life. And this is only because of the simplicity we maintained throughout. And the comments which we received were not only from India but also from many other countries of the world.

4. Your fans have been very loyal, and the numbers prove it. The last episode of The Aam Aadmi Family has hit more than 1 million views, which is a magnificent response. So what message do you have for your fans?

It is because of the love and support of the fans, The Aam Aadmi Family is a successful web-series today. And I would like to thank my fans and everyone who is either watching or following The Aam Aadmi Family. Please keep on watching and keep on commenting! Also, I would like to add that, a family is the most important thing. So everyone should take care of their family, love them, cherish them and stay happy forever. I would like to end this interview by saying that keep watching The Aam Aadmi Family and keep spreading joy.

Now it’s time for Brijendra Kala, who plays the role of Mr. Sharma to walk us through his experience.

Brijendra Kala

1. After acting in more than 50 Bollywood films, what made you believe that you should now act in a web-series?

Honestly, I was reluctant at first for working in a web-series. I had never done television before and a web-series comparatively offers a smaller platform. So the question which was going on in my mind was- why should I do a web-series? But then, I was explained that what wonders a web series can do. I was informed that a web-series have a completely different audience from the television and it will be viewed by the globally. Also, I liked the concept of reducing an episode to maximum fifteen minutes. And that’s how The Aam Aadmi Family happened.

2. Did you face any difficulties while shooting for The Aam Aadmi Family? Please share your experience?

Difficulties, no, not as such. However, when the shooting of season 2 commenced, I was severely under the weather. But still, I religiously continued shooting and the entire team of The Aam Aadmi Family took care of me. More importantly, they gave me time to recover, so that I can play the role Sharma Ji with panache.

3. Do you possess any characteristics of Mr. Sharma in your real life?

I do not possess any characteristics of Mr Sharma but I have started to cultivate some. Sometimes the way I talk to my wife and daughter, it reminds me that I am actually talking to them like Mr Sharma. And not to forget, I also come from a middle-class family just as Mr Sharma does. Even now, my family lead a middle-class life. So yes, somewhere, there is Mr Sharma hidden in me and it is difficult to get rid of him (chuckles).

4. What are your upcoming projects? And would you like to state anything for your fans and followers?

Recently, I did a cameo in Anand L. Rai’s upcoming flick, which stars Shahrukh Khan in the lead. It was an amazing experience working with the Badshah of the Indian film industry. It was the best acting experience I ever had. At the present time, I am shooting for Bhaiyyaji Superhitt starring Sunny Deol. I am also doing a web-series named, Ab Ki Baari Bipin Bihari, which has Vinay Pathak in the lead. I would like to thank my fans for their impeccable support. Love you all. God bless!

So these were Lubna Salim and Brijendra Kala of The Aam Aadmi Family. For more inside news, stories and talks stay tuned with OnPlay New.

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