YouTube FanFest 2019 in Mumbai – Red Carpet Event Highlights

With fans cheering louder than ever for their favorite YouTubers, this year’s event turned out to be a promising roller-coaster ride of fun, music, and dance.

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The day had finally arrived and even passed, but its buzz is still around. Yes, Youtube Fanfest 2019 was here in India in Mumbai and had brought with itself all the popular faces of the digital entertainment industry under one roof. With fans cheering louder than ever for their favorite YouTubers, this year’s event turned out to be a promising roller-coaster ride of fun, music, and dance. The main event had amazing live performances lined up by all the stars gracing the red carpet, and it’s obvious that we couldn’t keep calm.

But first, let’s take a look at the red carpet event and all that happened there.

The live event began at around 5:15 PM and stretched on for more than an hour.

Hosts of the Red Carpet – Slay Point

Meet the hosts of YTFF 2019 red carpet event, two friends who manage the YouTube channel, Slay Point. Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya Mohan were the first ones to arrive on the red carpet to meet and greet other YouTubers. Keeping the enthusiasm high in the Mumbai air, the duo perfectly coordinated with each other and asked some funny yet relevant questions to the guests.

The Guests

The entire line up of guests was filled with who’s who of the YouTube platform. With 22 YouTube personalities gracing the event, the guest list of YTFF 2019 was in itself an entertainer.

The duo of Jordindian, Vineeth Kumar and Naser Al Azzeh were the first ones among all the guests to grace the red carpet. They were also the duo who hosted the main event. The ‘Smoke Sheesha, Play Fifa’ duo were also the hosts of 2018 YTFF event held in Bangalore.

The list further extended to Rikshawali, Anisha Dixit, walking the red carpet and appreciating the duo for their impeccable hosting skills. Later, Melvin Louis walked in to teach a few steps to our hosts before moving ahead and interacting with his fans.

Then came the ever charming and beautiful, Amanda Cerny, who spent a considerable amount of time clicking selfies with her Indian fans. A fan of hers even managed to gift her a hand-drawn portrait. The lined up then extended to the pair of Team Naach, Sonal Devraj, and Nicole Concessao, gracing the red carpet event of YTFF 2019. With Voice of Ritu, the team of Girliyapa, The Screen Patti, MO Vlogs, Lily Singh, Baklol, Kabita’s Kitchen, MJ5, Him EEsh Madaan, and Sanam, the guest list was full with dancers, singers, comedians, and chefs.

But the crowd went all crazy when our ‘desi’ YouTubers, Amit Bhadana, Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani, Be YouNick, MostlySane, and Mumbiker Nikhil walked down the red carpet.

Highlights from Red Carpet

Bhuvan Bam impersonating Titu Mama

When BB walked down the red carpet, the crowd naturally started shouting ‘Bencho’, and wouldn’t stop, prompting BB to talk to them in his Titu Mana voice. While the crowd stopped chanting ‘Bencho’, they began asking for more Titu Mama impersonation from BB.

TSP announcing their New Song – Single Launda

The most entertaining evening in Mumbai was further compounded when the team of TSP arrived at the red carpet and announced that they will be releasing a new song at YTFF 2019 titled, ‘Single Launda’. So, all the single ‘laundas’ in the house, raise your hands!

MJ5 Showing their Slow-mo Dance Moves

The famous dance group consisting of five amazingly talented guys, MJ5 surprised their fans and the audience at YTFF 2019 after they stopped the time with their slow motion and perfectly coordinated dance move.

Ashish Chanchalani’s ‘Bijli Ka bill Tera Baap bharega?’

The famous dialogue of Ashish Chanchalani made its way into the crowd of Mumbai at YTFF 2019, when Abhyudaya asked him about the reason and conception behind the ‘Bijli Ka bill Tera Baap bharega?’ statement.

Impromptu Song session by Voice of Ritu and Sanam

The singer who runs Voice of Ritu channel, Ritu Agarwal performed her own song ‘Ek Dafaa’ live for the first time since its release on her YouTube channel a few days. The team of Sanam followed the same suit and performed their cover song of ‘Gulabi Aankhein’.

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