Hadh: The Boardroom Drama – Review

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We know you are quite excited and are wondering where will the web-series “Hadh” conjure up next? Don’t worry we are here to review about this scintillating web-series. This time Vikram Bhatt has changed the entire landscape by coming up with the intriguing story where you can instantly get hooked onto.

The story revolves about the thrust of three men to win over an empire of their debilitated father, which starts with a game conducted by Amritraj, by giving the three men different companies and increasing the turnover of their respective ones. The winner will be the property inherent. It’s a perfect element of love, greed, money and is amalgamated with mystery. Arjun, the only love child of Amritraj indulges himself by the womanizer seems to be a clear ploy to win the eyeballs. The drug-junkie Veer, who is an employee for Amritraj constructions is a total fixer who will do anything to protect Arjun.

But as now he is with him in the playing field, will his loyalty go out of the window? There’s a twist.

The always angry Karan, the illegitimate child who is a mob enforcer uses psychological warfare to win the game even at a possible cost to his life. Karan’s mother is the other woman in Amritraj’s life who still loves him despite him not marrying her.  Amritraj infuses sanity in the game by disclosing that, if any one tries to harm the other he will be out of the game.

#OnTalk with Simran, over a short call, with us, she said the show is getting good response, from public, friends and family, and we at the Onplay News team believe and truly wish this will take the show into flying colors. She said the team was very lively and fun-making behind the off-screen wherein everyone acted very well and were also comfortable in working with. Simran declared that she is going to surprise the people by playing a great role, in the next season. She also said that “The expected will never happen, whereas the unexpected do“, in the show. The coming season will make you more excited by twists and turns, which will glue your eyes towards watching the show.

Let’s jump into deep about the show: The game anyhow started but led to destroying the health of each other and which drove them into each other’s personal lives. There is something secret hidden behind Veer’s, personal life, which might lead to disaster. Yet, there is one more twist, one of the three men is taken out by a gunman. Suspicious characters for the murder can be Amritraj’s wife because how can a mother bare when her only love child is not inheriting the property. And the character of Amritraj’s Man Friday (personal assistant cum close friend), which might exude hidden layers, is also suspecting.

There are enough twists and turn in the first episode itself which would coax you to binge watch the entire series. Who was gunshot amongst the three? Who plotted for the gunshot? What might be the hidden secret of Veer? Excited to know? All nine episodes of Hadh are up for binge-watch post subscribing on Sonyliv.

Wait wait…
Don’t turn off your screen, there is an exciting news for you. Hadh is not all about only two seasons, there is also a third one awaiting! Yes…you are reading it right, Hadh will be shown in total three parts.

The second season will be out in 2018, till then surf the season 1 and get awaited for the suspense ending up.

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