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Chhavi Mittal – Trolling the Trolls the right way

Chhavi Mittal – Trolling the Trolls the right way
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While trolling has become a favorite online pass time for dull-witted people, it still isn’t a dignified thing to do. Recently, Chhavi Mittal, a mommy-to-be, who has always been upfront about her pregnancy journey on Instagram, became a victim of online trolling. The Naagin actress, and already a mother of a six-year-old daughter, Chhavi Mittal announced in November last year, through her Instagram post, that she’s about to become a mommy for the second time and she couldn’t be more delighted. While the news brought a wave of congratulations her way from her true fans, few were people began schooling her on how to lead her life. A few of her recent posts did not go down well with stakeholders of society and they started schooling Chhavi on how to behave, dress up and what to eat during her pregnancy. Enjoying the last few months of her pregnancy days and also keeping her fans updated on the news via her Instagram page, Chavvi had enough of those suggestions from faceless people online.

While many of the actors and actresses would have preferred taking a high road in such situation to stay away from any unwanted controversies, Chhavi did not hold back and gave a befitting reply to those trolls with another Instagram post. Ironic,
right? Her witty caption about how few people, who don’t even understand what being pregnant translates into, are schooling her on how to lead her life. She further added, funnily, how she’s not the only woman on the planet to have heard all these weird guidelines from people and asked other fellow pregnant women to share their experience of being schooled by people. Now, isn’t that the right way to blow trolls off?

You can read the full caption of Chhavi below and take a cue from it next time someone tries to moral police you:

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