Under 25 Summit – Day 2 Highlights

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Taking a cue from the proceedings of Day 1 of the Under 25 Summit, Day 2 turned out to be an extravaganza of music, art, photography spread across the day over a series of panel discussions and activities. Following are the highlights of day 2 of the Under25Summit:

The day started with the melodious, rustic musical chords of Manipuri Singer Loysum. The guitar rendition of ‘Why this Kolaveri Di’ was a hit amongst the crowds. This was followed by a soothing musical presentation by Arjun Amori whose rendition of ‘Chaana Ve’ made an instant connect with the audience and left them asking for more. One of the most popular faces at #Under25Summit, ace photographer, Auditya Venkatesh took the stage next to explain his thought process of capturing images and his love of symmetry and architecture. This was followed by a discussion on the emerging F&B industry in India, particularly with the spurt of chefs on the digital medium. The panel included both stalwarts of the industry like Pravesh Pandey of Big Brewski to emerging entrepreneurs like Shivesh Bhatia and Vinesh Johny. An unconventional session was a discussion on ‘Answering Life’s Hard Questions’- moderated by Roshan Abbas, the pairing of Rohan Joshi (Of AIB Fame) and Raghava KK led to a platitude of discourse involving punch lines and one-liners which eventually led to Raghava being labeled as ‘Super Sadhguru’!

However, one of the most awaited panel discussions was on the topic of Indian Comedy v/s the world featuring an ensemble panel of Abish Mathew, JordIndian and Srishti Dixit. The panel lived upto the expectations of the crowd with Abish and Vineet ensuring that the audience were in for a hilarious experience. You can read more the panel discussion here. One of the most enriching deliberations was on the Mental Health involving Danish Sait, Sejal Bhat, ArtiDote. The crowd was in from some mental Gyan as the panel provided insights on the need to address the problems of mental health disorders.

Later in the day, the crowd was in for a nostalgic experience as Rob (of M.A.D fame), took the hot seat to describe his experiences and the obstacles he faced during and post the M.A.D TV show. The effusive artist brought back a lot of childhood memories by erecting an overnight ‘big picture’ of mirrors. Next, it was the turn of Amandeep Singh to steal the audience’s hearts with his beautiful renditions of shaayri-laden short stories on love and romance.

The summit also had representation from the International YouTube community with ace animator and creator of ‘shape guys’, Danny Casale, taking the center-stage. For the final showdown, Yami Gautam, riding high on the success of her recent movie, Uri, graced the function to talk about ‘Life on the Internet’.

The summit concluded with a DJ session at the Big Brewski ground! If one could describe the entire summit in a single phrase then it would be – How’s the Summit’s Josh??? – High Sir!!

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