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Twisted – Vikram Bhatt Special

Twisted – Vikram Bhatt SpecialScore 75%Score 75%
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Everything that is twisted, starts with something simple…

“It’s Nothing Short Of An Immensely Captivating Tale”

Twisted, a web series by Vikram Bhatt, who is very popular, and has already brought many shows online, has also brought this web series into action.

Let’s see what all is it about.

Twisted, is a romantic-thriller story which really has lot many of twists and thereby increases the viewer’s anxiousness and eagerness to watch the upcoming episodes.

The story has been beautifully sketched and has innovative involvement throughout the end.

Nia Sharma aka Alia Mukherjee who ranks third among sexiest Asian woman, withholds the center of attraction in this series.

And I must say, her looks are heart throbbing.

She acted as a supermodel and cleverly plays the game.

Wait, don’t get into an imagination of deciding, which way she will end up with, mean to say, either good or bad?

Twisted - Vikram Bhatt Special 1

Namit Khanna aka Ranbir Raichand also plays a lead role who is married to a rich business tycoon’s daughter and thereby the real story begins.

Well, I can’t disclose that!

In short, it consists of love, hatred, betrayal, lust, murder, rape and much more.

You yourself have to watch the series, and thereby stay interested by tuning with the upcoming episodes.

Stay interested. Stay tuned.



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