TVF Pays Tribute To Famous Physics Author: A Day With HC Verma

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TVF a well-known Web name has started a new sub series “A Day With”. This has till date made #3 episodes and A Day with HC Verma is the most viewed among the three. This is not because it’s the latest one, but because H C Verma is the unforgettable name of Indian physics. He played a very crucial role in our Intermediates for PCMB or PCB or PCM students. He is a well-known Indian Physicist who recently retired from one of the prestigious of India, IIT-KHARAKPUR.

His works have helped students do well in Chemistry and Physics in their intermediates and competitive examinations. Though his works bring a little terror to students but as the saying goes “ No Pain, No Gain”, his works have brought a better understanding.

Manoj Bharti, who has a premium role in all three episodes goes to Uma Bharti apartment where HC Verma lives. The video starts with Manoj entering the apartment and hearing the first pun on friction coefficient. Every dialogue stated by the professor on the concepts of physics makes this video full of humor.

HC Verma states about his love life in which he uses some scientific terms such as Potential Difference. He also states his worker “Vector” but in the other half of the episode when HC Verma insists him to take him to HC Verma – Part Two(2nd Floor), Vector tells him the story of why Mr. Verma wants to take him to the second floor – “Theory of relativity” which is actually the chapter no one reads since that chapter is a very dry chapter. So Vector makes everyone read that chapter line by line because no one reads that chapter. And in this video, the most liked part is about all those scientific terms used by him which actually makes this video funnier. All those matters of approximation of g=9.8m/s² to g=10m/s².

One thing can be said that HC Verma cannot be replaced by anyone and thanks to TVF for making a wonderful video and making us laugh remembering those days of physics learning. Onplay-News group personally wishes HC Verma sir a Happy retirement life. 🙂

Watch the whole episode :

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