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Spotlight – Season 2 on the way from the house of VB on Web

Spotlight – Season 2 on the way from the house of VB on Web
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I believe that you are watching Spotlight or have already watched it. So what’s next? Will you be excited, if I say that your favorite web series is back for another season, to keep you glued to the screens? Then you are guessing it right, buddies! Here we bring you a news that will make you all ears and big eyes! Vikram Bhatt the house owner of web series, is here again to glow the light with Spotlight – Season 2.

This time it is starring Karan V Grover, the IITian, and the cardholder of many Indian daily soaps, with his new look, and for the first time in the web series! and there is also to his opposite “FBB Femina Miss India World 2015”, Aditi Arya, the Beauty Pageant Titleholder and she also will be the fresh face for this Indian web series.

Unlike Season 1, it is going to fold in with 13 episodes. Well, to keep you more excited, let me give you a hint about the story-line. Where the first season was all about a Filmstar, but this time it is all about a Rockstar. It is the story of a passionate singer, who by his work of fiction owns the fame in the field and grabs the spotlight.

But as every story can’t be smooth enough, to get it rocked! Here’s the same thing, the holder of the spotlight gets defamed, drug-addicted, has been used, abused and loved but still strives to come back in the spotlight. So, for all the music lovers get your-selves hooked up because a web series here is designed about a singer and his struggle.

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