Sorabh Pant Reviews literally ‘Anything’!!

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A daily dose of a hearty laugh keeps your stomach safe. In today’s time, we see a new breed of down-and-out eggheads emerging who are consistently churning out their original content to give audiences the feeling of guffaw. YouTube is the most widely viewed platform, comedians have started taking their presence on this platform seriously as they upload their content on a regular basis. And one amongst the list of the well-known comedians of India is Sorabh Pant, who is ruling YouTube and minds and will make you laugh till you drop.

Blame it on my elephantine memory or my sense of observation, but Sorabh Pant’s brand of comedy struck me as unusual. Sorabh’s brand of humor is one that is entertaining, yet thought-provoking in its clever observations of social and political situations. His new trending series Sorabh Reviews Anything is a take on offering a way to think out of the box, question ourselves, and all acts of our everyday lives that we wouldn’t otherwise do. It offers an outsiders perspective of life and our attitude towards everything, not necessarily serious. In this new 10- episode- old –series, he aims to give reviews on varied streams starting from – TV, films, and sports as suggested by the viewers owing to their interest.

Through comedy, he has articulated the ability to present harshest of truths without creating any animosity in the room. He has addressed issues like ‘Nepotism’ that is a huge drawback of the Bollywood industry and infamous shows like ‘Koffee with Karan’ that foster such ideals. Not just that he goes on to discuss Indian TV serials like Big Boss, Splitzvilla, Naagin etc which are huge money spinners in the Indian market and reflects on our hypocrisy as to how we binge watch shows which we criticize otherwise. And of course not to miss out the “PUBG” game that has swept off the Indian mass by their feet in recent past thereby creating a digital divide in terms of treating the non –players as ‘outcastes’ who haven’t level up their game to match the millennial trend.
Comedy has the ability to please and convince the majority of the message the messenger is trying to convey and Sorabh has efficiently used it to fight for Freedom Of Speech, a fundamental basic Human right among all the citizens of democratic countries in the world.

You just simply need to find him, subscribe and enjoy his funny yet relatable punch lines that resonate with today’s young and not so young audience.

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